A well-made playground offers a challenging and exciting environment in which kids can develop their physical talents. Navigating slides, swings, roundabouts, and other equipment helps kids to improve physical strength, gain skills in problem-solving, and be able to balance themselves. At the same time, they are having fun. Before you take your kids to a playground, you should check out if the playground pieces of equipment are safe. Here are the things you should do:

1)            Perform General Playground Safety Check

It is your role as a parent to ensure that your child is safe at all times. Therefore, take your kid to a playground that has child safe equipment. Those are the types of equipment that are specifically for kids of his age. Small kids can easily harm themselves while playing on equipment that are for older kids. Examine equipment for any sharp edges or broken parts. Ensure that there are no open hooks or screws that could cut skin or grasp clothes.

In case of a wooden play structure, check for any weak spots or flakes on the wood. Check all ladder steps for sound footing.

Look for glass, trash, or rusted metal, and toxic plants in or around the playground. Also, ensure that there are no broken tree stumps, concrete, roots, and other stuff that can make your child trip.

Ensure that there are no barriers around playgrounds. Avoid playgrounds that are near a pond, street, or well. For example, your child can be chasing after a ball and forget to check for any car before crossing a road.

2)            Check On Playground Safety

Most playground wounds are as a result of kids falling from equipment to the ground. Choose a playground that is made of soft surface material. Avoid your kid playing on structures made of asphalt, grass, dirt, or concrete. These surfaces are hard and may hurt your kid when he/she falls. A safe surface is made of either the following sand, mulch, rubber pea gravel or wood chips. For wood, gravel, or sand surfaces, it should have a fill that is at least 11 inches deep. All equipment should be surrounded by soft surface material in all directions.

3)            Ensure There Is Close Supervision

At all times, kids do not use playground equipment as expected. With no mature person, your kid can get injuries even when playground equipment is safe. It is essential to stay with your child or make sure there is an adult present while your kid plays. You should always be alert and be aware of your kid’s whereabouts. You can also tell your kids to play where they can see you.

As a parent, it is your role to ensure that the playground equipment and play surfaces are safe for your kids. Furthermore, you should ensure that your kid is hydrated, apply sunscreen creams to avoid sunburn. Also, ensure that they wear safe clothes. All of the above should ensure that your kid is safe while having fun.

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