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Under the Government’s proposals for NHS reform Clinical Commissioning groups will take a great deal of responsibility for what is provided by the NHS and how it is provided. It isn’t yet very clear how this would operate, but there are lots of concerns about conflicts of interest, and about the nature of the contractual arrangements. This seminar will be a fairly open discussion about how these arrangements might operate and how they might impinge on the relationships between doctors and patients.

Toynbee Hall 28 Commercial Street London E1 6LS (nearest Tube is Aldgate East)

Wednesday 20th July 2011  London

11am – 3pm

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  1. MKING says:

    Well… It’s now July 2018 and patients can’t choose their MH/Autism service because the CCG has block-booked and paid the local MH/Autism provider who then (apparently) has to buy in help from the patient’s ‘chosen’ provider (and won’t!!)…
    Surprisingly GPs here won’t tell you that, by law, you do have a choice; but that’s not so surprising when you learn that every one of the practices is a stakeholder in the CCG!
    It does not appear that many if any lawyers want to upset the impoverished health trusts by stirring the ‘choice issue so we patients are stuck with incompetence or a total lack of local expertise: all they have is a hammer so the patient must be a nail!

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