1. Living Things
  2. Man in the Making
  3. Basic Technique
  4. The Health Centre
  5. Health Overhaul
  6. Findings of Overhaul
  7. New Member families
  8. The Family Grows
  9. Infancy
  10. School Days
  11. Growing Up
  12. Courtship and Mating
  13. The Birth of a Family
  14. Social Poverty
  15. Social Sufficiency
  16. A Community Grows 


  1. Plan and Notes on the Building
  2. Services and Amenities (not reproduced)
  3. Nature of Employment of members
  4. Specimen of Laboratory Records
  5. Cost of Health Overhaul Table
  6. Prevalence of Iron Deficiency and Worms
  7. Plans for an Educational Experiment
  8. A Child’s Activities
  9. Financial and Administrative
  10. Use of the Centre daily and weekly

The Pioneer Health Centre  1946

Bulletin of the Pioneer Health Centre  Vol 3 no 5 September 1949


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