Presentation at Eat Local -Think Global 2007

What we did (January – December 2005)

  • Collation of background information
  • Written evidence
  • 3 ‘hearing’ sessions
  • Open event (voluntary and community organisations)
  • Speak Out Survey (2,500 local residents)
  • Meeting with 3 major supermarkets
  • Focus event on Obesity and South Asian Communities

Key issues:

  • Leadership
  • Working with Councillors
  • Working with partners
  • Research, scrutiny, or promotion
  • Convincing the sceptical
  • Involving “outsiders”
  • Implementing decisions
  • Nobody’s baby?

Fit councillors in Bradford

Keighley Cougars help the Review Group publicise the launch of the final report.

Keighley Cougars

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