David Gilbert presentation at our conference November 2002

David Gilbert

David Gilbert

Information Feedback Influence
  • Information to patients about treatments and services
  • Informed consent
  • Letters between clinicians available to patients
  • Individual patients able to feed back on their own care and treatment to improve quality
  • Ability to get help and raise issues of concern and to seek redress (PALS)
  • Shared decision making
  • Support to empower individual patients (e.g. advocacy)
  • Expert Patients
  • Information to the wider public about what the organisation is doing
  • Information to the wider public about how well the organisation is doing
  • Trends in complaints / issues raised by PALs, etc.
  • Feedback on patient experience (Patient Forums)
  • PPI in policy and planning (Patient Forums)
  • Support for lay representatives

Some thoughts about….

trends in PPI

  • mixed motivations for doing it
  • people now struggling with ‘how’ not ‘why’
  • toolkits galore….but analysis paralysis

what CHI has found

  • pockets of notable practice….but little sharing
  • few links between operational and strategic capacity
  • better at some things than others

performance management of PPI

let’s talk the same language

….look at the same sorts of things

….and be clear about who does what

What do you think?

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