Chapter I Moral Rules, Social Problems and Development of Social Policy

  • 1.Moral Rules
  • 2.Social Problems
  • 3,Social Policy
  • 4.The Social Problem of Chronic Patients and Their Care

Chapter II Three Stages in the Medicalisation of Deviance

  • I. The Chronic Patients
  • 2. Social Control and the Medicalisation of Deviance .
  • 3.The Emergence of Mad-doctors
  • I. The Rediscovery of Scandals
  • 2.The Mental Hospital as an Organisation
  • 3.  Moral   Treatment   Reborn
  • 4.The Modern Psychiatric Nurse
  • 5.No Change on Back Wards

Chapter IV   Why Has So Little Changed?

  • I. The Reproduction of Nursing Knowledge
  • 2.”Somewhere Along the Line…”
  • 3.Methodological Considerations
  • 4.Conclusion
Appendix: Outline of Issues in the Literature

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