NHS complaints, regulation and enquries

The complaints department is a minefield

The NHS is a very large and complex organisation. It would be surprising if things did not go wrong from time to time. This page is concerned both with procedures for discovering what may have gone wrong and what to do about it, but also with reports about major problems in the past. Many recent scandals seem to be centred around care at the end of life – obviously a difficult time, and one most of us do not talk about as much as we should.

Peter Aldous MP in a 2011 Westminster Hall Debate on the NHS Care of Older People said of the CQC Dignity and Nutrition Inspections ‘There is a sense of déjà vu here, it’s as if each new revelation creates a sense of outrage, then nothing happens. We have an obligation to ensure that this time it is different ’. Sadly this theme has been repeated many times in NHS complaints, regulation and enquries.

medical negligence under the new poor law

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