We own the copyright of these cartoons. You are welcome them to use them on your website or in leaflets, so long as you give us a credit. To get the full file click on the image you want.

Most of them are produced by Crippen. We pay Dave for them, as is only fair. Donations to the cartoon fund would be very welcome, as would be suggestions of other cartoons we haven’t seen, or ideas which could be turned into cartoons.

The best summary of how the new NHS will work by Cartoon Kate

Dave Shelbourne has his own page of cartoons


  1. Christine Stockwell says:

    Do you sell these as postcards? We’re doing an NHS campaigning event and I wondered about having some of Dave Crippen’s cartoons as posters and/or selling them as postcards as we’ll need to make some money to cover costs.

    1. Martin Rathfelder says:

      We don’t, but he might.

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