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Universal Basic Income could be the basis for a new kind of society. UBI offers everyone a basic income whether they are working or not. When combined with Modern Monetary Theory, a socialist opportunity becomes visible.

This symposium will explore UBI, Modern Monetary Theory and community.

Speakers: Dr Frances Hutchinson and Dr Simon Duffy (CVs below)

Open to all members of SHA

January 30th 2021 from 12-2.00pm

This is the link to the Eventbrite registration:


UBI could relieve the stress of having to work for the sake of a wage, rather than working at what you regard as worthwhile or good for your well-being. People will have more freedom to make lifestyle choices. Those with vocations will still work as teachers, medics or engineers. Others may choose to not work, to stay at home as carers or parents, or to engage in cultural pursuits for which they may or may not be paid.

This was the vision of the radical guild socialists 100 years ago when they promoted Social Credit, the forerunner of UBI, which the banking establishment, inter alia, criticised. Expect the same today.

This symposium will address John McDonnell’s challenge to “Claim the Future”. We can only envisage a new society when we explore what kind of community we want to live in. The Bologna University economists promote an “economy of communion”, where production and service industries base their policies on the good of the community. This is reflected in the cooperatives structure of the region where:

  • Cooperatives make up over 40% of the GDP of the Emilia Romagna(ER) region
  • In Bologna two out of three citizens are members of a cooperative
  • In Bologna over 85% of the city’s social services are provided by social co-ops
  • Per capita income in ER has risen from 17th to second among Italy’s 20 regions
  • Per capital income is 50% higher than the national average
  • Of the European regions, ER is number 11 of 122 regions in terms of GNP per inhabitant
  • Bologna has the highest disposable income of any of Italy’s 103 provinces
  • Bologna has the highest per capita expenditure on the arts of any city in Italy
  • The unemployment rate of 4% is virtually full employment
  • 70% of Bologna’s households have home ownership (David Thompson, 2003)

Cooperatives are not necessarily the answer, but a Socialist Community would be.

We hope this will begin a process of policy development for the SHA.

We welcome people who want to get involved.

Again, here is the link to the Eventbrite registration:


Dr Frances Hutchinson

Frances Hutchinson (PhD, FRSA. PGCE) is an independent researcher writer and activist with a PhD in economics. Her published works span institutional, green and eco-feminist economics, and her research has explored the role of finance in the determination of political, economic and cultural outcomes. Her most recent publications have been:

Frances Hutchinson, Mary Mellor and Wendy Olsen (2003) The Politics of Money: Towards Sustainability and Economic Democracy

Understanding the Financial System (2010).

Down to Earth: A Guide to Home Economics (2013)

The importance of community support for childhood, mothering, farming and education, especially adult education, has been a major feature of her activism and writing.  Her lifelong campaigning interest has been in the potential for adult education to bring about constructive change in the political, economic and cultural spheres as it did in the era of Guild Socialism.

Dr Simon Duffy

Dr Simon Duffy is a philosopher and activist. He is Director of the Centre for Welfare Reform, an independent think tank committed to equality and social justice. In 2016 he co-founded Citizen Network which is a growing global cooperative and social movement to advance citizenship for all. In 2017 he co-founded UBI Lab Sheffield and has been very active in the global movement for a basic income for all.

Simon has also been an active critic of austerity and has support multiple campaigns to challenge the assault on the welfare state that began in the 1970s, but which has accelerated since the 2008 banking crash.

He is a regular public speaker and has been government policy advisor, both nationally and internationally. His awards include the RSA’s Prince Albert Medal and the Social Policy Association’s award for outstanding contribution in social policy.

Key publications include Unlocking the Imagination (1996), Keys to Citizenship (2003) Women at the Centre (2011) A Fair Income (2011) Peer Power (2012) and The Unmaking of Man (2013).

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