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Date(s) - 03.02.2014


Manchester Quaker Meeting House


Health and a Steady State approach 

Steady State Manchester was established in 2012.  It is a group of activists and supporters  who have developed a practical and feasible local approach to building a society where people can live well, more equitably and with an economy mindful of the need to ensure growth is not at the expense of planetary limits. The group has engaged individuals and organisations in considering the possibilities of this model including the City Council, NGOs and social movement organisations. Currently the group is working with councillors and officers to look at how the city might develop its systems of food supply as a sustainable economic issue, while increasing local prosperity and resilience.

This evening will be an opportunity to find out about the work of Steady  State Manchester and to consider what  Steady State approaches offer in relation to health. Members of the group are currently preparing a paper, ‘Transforming Economics for Health’ for the International Conference on Urban Health 2014 which will be held in Manchester in March which considers how Public Health with its history and strengths in successfully transforming policy and societal norms should inform steady state approaches and be informed by them. We would welcome sharing our ideas and hearing those of participants.


Bookings are closed for this event.


  1. The wealth gap has widened under all governments over the last 40 years. Unless you abolish private education & health care including dentistry and utilise those freed resourses you will be like a hamster running on a wheel in trying to improve equability.Especially private education.

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