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Date(s) - 04.07.2013


St Ninian's Church


Organised by Chorlton History Group

The July session marks a departure for the History Group. Occasionally we will hold sessions where we depart from the normal format of a history talk and instead discuss important contemporary issues. In this case it will be the NHS. The focus of this session will be hospital care, and we will follow this up with the Thurs October 3rd meeting dedicated to looking at Primary Care – GPs, Clinical Care Groups. In future we might also look at mental health care issues.

Bernard Leach will start off by giving the historical context of hospital care in Manchester and this will be followed by Martin Rathfelder talking about the current situation regarding the central and south Manchester Healthcare trusts

In between the two parts of this presentation, there will be an interactive element where we will split people in groups to discuss a historical question – their first memories of being in or visiting hospital and also a contemporary question – what contacts have they had in the last month with the health services. We will use this information in the second part of the programme

The NHS and its future is important to us all and this is an opportunity to have a series of sessions that look at different aspects of healthcare in some depth and in a way that enables us all to become better informed.

For further information about this talk and the History Group contact:
Bernard Leach, btleach@gmail.com, or ring Chorlton Good Neighbours on 881 2925    www.chorltongoodneighbours.org

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