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Date(s) - 16.01.2019


County Hall, Durham,


The meeting will be held at 8:00 pm on Wednesday January 16th 2019,in County Hall Durham, directly after the Public Health Meeting.

Because County Hall closes at 8:30pm it would be helpful if members could submit any resolutions they wish to propose or nominations they wish to make in writing before the meeting. Members may self nominate.  This will expedite business. Nominations for members not present will not be accepted unless a written apology and explanation for absence is sent to the Secretary before the meeting.


  1. Apologies

Received:  Sally Young, Sue Blenerhasset, Ted Schrecter, Vicki Gilbert, Celia Baty, Nigel Todd, Punita Goodfellow

  1. Report on Business Meeting June 4th 2018
  2. Any matters arising.
  3. Election of officers  Nominations received. Post holders in parentheses
  4. Chair (Rita Stringfellow)   Rita Stringfellow, proposer David Taylor-Gooby
  5. Vice Chairs (Pam Wortley, Paul Leake) Paul Leake, proposer David Taylor-Gooby VACANCY
  6. Secretary (David Taylor-Gooby) David Taylor-Gooby proposed by Rita Stringfellow,  David Webb      There will be a ballot.


These officers form an executive to deal with any urgent business.

  1. Other positions
  2. Representatives on Central Council

(Diane Jones, Paul Leake) Diane Jones, Paul Leake, proposed by David    Taylor-Gooby

  1. Representative on Regional Board No election

Lewis Atkinson. Note this position is for two years and is elected for the duration of each Regional Board.

  1. Reports
  2. Secretary’s Report
  3. Central Council
  4. Regional Board

(copies of reports to follow before meeting)

  1. Resolutions

Please submit in writing to Secretary before meeting.

  1. Future Programme

The following have been suggested for topics:

The crisis in Social Care.

Invite John Ashworth

Discussion on Governance of the NHS (STP mark 3)

  1. O.B. Please notify Secretary before meeting

Please note.  I did receive a query from a member about the Vice Chair’s position.  If you still wish to stand please get in touch.

Attached documents.

SHA Central Council Report DJ

David TaylorGooby for secreatry

Dave Webbstatement

Report by Paul LeakeSecretarysreport 2019



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