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Date(s) - 14.01.2012


Whitecross Community Centre



for the meeting of Central Council

to be held at noon on Saturday 14th January 2012 at Whitecross Community Centre Chequer Street London EC1Y 8PN

Apologies for absence: Harry Clarke

Minutes of the September meeting:

Minutes of meeting of SHA CC in Liverpool 24 September 2011.

Meeting opened at 14.00.

Present: Mike Roberts Martin Rathfelder Huw Davies Richard Grimes Lewis Atkinson Richard Bourne Doug Naysmith Simon Wright Adrian Heald Noemi Fabry Mike Young Ann Griffin Harry Clarke Judith Varley Arun Chopra S Rahman Alex Scott-Samuel Apologies: Brian Fisher Jane Roberts Melanie Johnson Tina Funnell

Mike Roberts took the chair.

Minutes: Accepted

Matters arising: None not arising elsewhere on agenda.

Discussion of political situation: MR opened discussion looking at state of NHS as well as the bill. Also covered contacts with and direction of Labour Party. Labour focussed on bill. MR proposing to set up seminars with small groups from LP. Meeting in November with Paul Corrigan. MR took the view that now is not the time to focus on policy. MRo commented that he was involved in some policy development work with Labour in local govt..

Points raised: Public campaigning. MR was doubtful of our capacity. Perhaps focus on impact of benefits cuts. Need to focus on major policy areas eg elderly care / hospital care. Election in three and a half years. Influence agenda for future. Comment that discussion needs to focus on the campaign against the bill and the opportunity to change the bill now. Future will be determined by the bill and landscape will change. MR – can do both and both are essential. One member felt the LP had not been effective in getting over what the govt cuts and bill will mean. Perhaps we need to focus on getting the public to understand what will happen. MR brought discussion back to campaign over next six months. What are the best tactics? Comment: Perhaps focus on areas which are already privatised.

1.1.   Matters arising not elsewhere on the agenda

  1. Discussion on political situation:

2.1.   Labour Party

2.1.1.Health Policy Commission

2.1.2.Nominations – Treasurer, Auditor, NPF, CAC

2.2.   Campaigning against the Health Bill

  1. Performance and Finance

3.1.   Website upgrade

3.2.   Benefit night –Patients First

  1. Socialist Health International event 14-16th May, Sweden
  2. Any other urgent business
  3. Date, time and venue of next meeting: The AGM noon Saturday 17th March 2012 in Birmingham

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