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Date(s) - 18.01.2014


Unite Building


Apologies for absence:  John Lipetz, Mike Grady, Tony Jewell, Matthew Prior, Eric Watts, Jane Roberts, Mike Young, Peter Mayer, Vivien Giladi, Katrina Murray, Rehana Azam

1. Minutes of the meeting of 23rd November 2013:

2. Items arising from the minutes:

Public Health discussion  based on Tony Beddow’s paper.

3. Arrangements for elections:

The procedure for ballots are in the constitution.  s11 Elections and s11 (e) requires Central Council to approve arrangements.  This year it is recommended that notifications, nominations and voting take place electronically via our web site. Members without email will be asked if they wish to participate, and any that indicate they wish to do so will receive the papers and ballots by post.

The recommendations to CC are as follows, they can be discussed and voted upon one by one or together at the CC January meeting:-

  1. The details of ballot arrangements should be delegated to the Secretary in consultation with the Director and overseen by two nominated scrutineers
  2. Nominations should be accompanied by a statement and biographical details which the candidate can put onto the web site.  The Director will assist with this process as necessary.  There is no limit on what can be put on the website, but we only undertake to circulate one A4 sheet per candidate by post.
  3.   Nominations can only come from fully paid up members as at 31 December and those nominated must also be fully paid up members and agree to stand.  Members may nominate themselves.
  4. Timetable
  • Nominations for the Officers (Chair, Secretary and Treasurer) and for the 20 other members of the CC shall be invited from 20th January. 16(a)
  • Nominations  close on 22nd February. 16(b)
  • Voting for the CC members takes place electronically between 22nd February and 6th  March and the results announced at the AGM.  Any member may request a paper ballot. 16(c).
  • The ballot is not secret. The scrutineers are able to verify who has voted.

Vice Chairs and Members of Editorial Board:

  • Up to 4 Vice Chairs and the members of the Editorial Board are elected by CC and from CC not through the AGM process.  We will hold a CC meeting immediately after the AGM to deal with these.

4. Governance and Constitutional Review

5. Director’s report

6. Labour Party matters:

Labour Health Policy Commission.  Sir John Oldham’s Report.  The National Policy Forum final year meeting will be held over the weekend of 18-20 July.

7. SHA Policy development process:

Any statement of SHA policy has to be formally agreed by either the AGM or at a CC meeting.

CC is asked to agree to a process which will see the development of a comprehensive statement of SHA policy being approved by CC by early June 2014.  As well as being a very valuable statement covering a wide range of policy areas which we can promote and publicise it will also be a valuable input into Labour’s own policy making process.  We will of course lobby vigorously for our position within the Labour Party, in the hope that it can form part of any Manifesto and indeed can be implemented by a Labour administration.

We have made a start on the process with a document on our web site.  The following are recommendations about continuing:-

  1. The detailed arrangements for the process should be delegated to the Officers in consultation with the Director plus one other person nominated by CC (John Lipitz has expressed an interest).
  2. The current document should be divided into 5 discussion documents covering different policy areas and each should then have its own web page.  These are now for discussion generally and should be open to all contributions.
  3. We should plan for the following CC meetings:
  • in February a special CC meeting (with one agenda item) to discuss the Oldham Commission Report and Whole Person Care
  • In April a special CC meeting to discuss the more contentious areas of policy (as nominated by CC members)- if required.
  • In May a special CC to discuss final drafts of the 5 documents and comments received.
  1. We should also (try to) arrange during April or May a discussion meeting with representatives from KONP, Unison, Unite and GMB to explore areas of agreement and disagreement.
  2. In June at the regular CC meeting to agree to the final document subject to any formal amendments that are notified prior to the meeting and which are formally agreed by CC.
  3. The final document can then be sent to all those who will be taking part in the Labour Party Policy formulation process and be widely promoted elsewhere.

8. Report from Editorial Board

9. Report from SHA Wales

10. Report from SHA Scotland

11.. Campaigning

Next meeting  Annual General Meeting8th March 2014

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