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Date(s) - 08.06.2013


Unite Building


Present:  Richard Bourne, Eric Watts, Mike Roberts, Rachel Harris, Noemi Fabry, Richard Grimes, Shibley Rahman, Thomas Fitzgerald, Rehana Azam, Barrie Brown, Kanappar Jeyanthan, Matthew Prior, Tony Beddow, Brian Fisher, Michael English, Doug Naysmith, Ali Syed, Huw Davies, Patrick Vernon, Jos Bell, David Mattocks, David Amos


  1. Apologies for Absence: Stuart Bellwood,  Hannah Cooke, Joe Farrington-Douglas, Mike Grady, Melanie Johnson, John Kolm-Murray, John Lipetz, Peter Mayer, Caroline Molloy, Katrina Murray, David Pickersgill, Gavin & Rosemary Ross, Mike Young
  2. Minutes of meeting on 19th January
  3. Matters arising:
    1. Communications Strategy for SHA in England
  4. Matters arising from the AGM on 9th March
    1. Labour Party Conference delegates
    2. Other Labour Party matters
  5. Director’s report
  6. Labour Party policy development:
    1. The Social Care Bill
    2. Public Health Policy

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