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Date(s) - 10.01.2015


York CVS


  1. Apologies:  Mike Young, Dr Brian Gibbons, Katrina Murray, Dr Tony Jewell, David Taylor-Gooby, Prof Tony Beddow, Cllr Sanchia Alasia, Dr Patrick French, Jos Bell, John Lipetz,Dr  Eric Watts,  Patrick Vernon, Melanie Johnson , Dr Shibley Rahman
  2. To note resignation of Steve Adshead
  3. Minutes of the meeting on 1st November
  4.  Matters arising:
  5. Chair’s report.
  6. Three items from Richard Bourne’s paper we didn’t consider at last meeting:
    1. The procurement and contract management of major assets should be the responsibility of the SoS with NHS Bodies subject to an appropriate reasonable internal charge for use.
    2. Oversight by regulatory bodies should be phased out and the money invested in front line staff.
    3. Public and patient involvement should be through the representative democratic structures and scrutiny arrangements.
  7. Amendment of clause 7 of the Financial Standing Orders:  To remove the words “Where possible purchases are made through the designated staff member.”
    Add the words: “Expenses will be paid for authorised activities agreed in advance. Claims should be submitted within one month of expenditure being incurred, normally accompanied by receipts specifying the activities against the specific expenses incurred.”
  8. Suggested amendment of Clause 4 of the Constitution  (to be put to the AGM): insert the word “National” before “affiliated” in the third sentence
  9. Position of Vice-Chairs: possible amendment to the constitution
  10. The Forward View
  11. Report on campaigning: Events in Stockton and Bristol.  Future priorities.
  12. Next meeting  Annual General Meeting

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