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Date(s) - 07.06.2014


Unite Building


1. Apologies for absence: Councillor Sanchia Alasia, David Pickersgill, Dr Tony Jewell, David Mattocks,  Alan Wenban-Smith, Dr  Peter Mayer

2. Minutes of the  meeting held at Birmingham Midland Institute 26th April 2014

3. Matters arising (to conclude by 12.30):

Affiliation criteria – Affiliation to the Labour Party might helpfully be inserted into the constitution.  For other organisations it is suggested we should consider

  • what the organisation is seeking from us an affiliate (or what we are seeking from them);
  • is an alternative contribution from the SHA more useful e.g. as a signatory/a one-off donation;
  • how affiliation may benefit them;
  • how affiliation may benefit the SHA and our objectives, primarily in terms of us both supporting and being seen to support the aims/ policy of another organisation. There may be times when we choose to affiliate to an organisation for other reasons advantageous to the SHA in which case we should be clear about what those reasons are;
  • the degree to which affiliation may promote a more specific campaigning issue or policy that the SHA is engaged in at the time;
  • cost – both the individual affiliation fee and the total at the time. We could consider capping total affiliation fees to a certain % of our income (it is currently 7.7%. We could say, maintain at no more than 8% or 10%, both arbitrary figures);
  • we  review all our affiliations regularly annually at the AGM.

4. Amendments to Labour Party Your Britain documents:

Stability and Prosperity
Work and Business
Living Standards and Sustainability
Stronger, Safer Communities
Education and Children
Health and Care
Better Politics
Britain’s Global Role

5. Delegates to Labour Party conference

Next meeting 20th September, Manchester

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