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Date(s) - 26.04.2014


Birmingham and Midland Institute



1. Apologies for absence: Steve Adshead,  Councillor Sanchia Alasia, David Amos, Rehana Azam, Jos Bell, Barrie Brown,Tom Fitzgerald, Brian Flood, Patrick French, Vivien Giladi,  David Taylor-Gooby, Melanie Johnson, Matthew Prior, Shibley Rahman, Alison Scouller,Alan Wenban-Smith, Patrick Vernon, Eric Watts

2. Minutes of the meeting of Central Council held 18th January:

a. Apologies for absence:  John Lipetz, Mike Grady, Tony Jewell, Matthew Prior, Eric Watts, Jane Roberts, Mike Young, Peter Mayer, Vivien Giladi, Katrina Murray, Rehana Azam

b. Present: Richard Bourne, David Mattocks, Barrie Brown,David Pickersgill,Doug Naysmith, Ali Syed, Shibley Rahman, Tom Fitzgerald, Noemi Fabry, Jos Bell, Tony Beddow, Patrick Vernon, Caroline Molloy, Huw Davies,Brian Fisher, Rachel Harris, Chris Bain, Patrick French, Harry Clarke, Richard Grimes, Steve Adshead, Mike Roberts, David Amos, David Gresty, David Davies, Gavin Ross, Martin Rathfelder

c) Minutes of the meeting of 23rd November 2013: in relation to item 6 on the agenda of 23rd November 2013 amended to :

‘The discussion covered the publication of the website, its content and where editorial powers lay and concerns raised by the editorial board and Chair.’ 
d) Items arising from the minutes:
Public Health discussion based on Tony Beddow’s paper.
Paper was welcomed. Various points were raised relating to disability, impact of climate change, role of local government, wealth and equalities, sustainability, social solidarity, allocations of funding streams, workplace safety, migration and globalisation and the role of hospitals. Also raised how we can raise links across policy review areas such as education, housing and other policy areas. Suggested to continue trying to work with other socialist societies. Suggested that we also work with European colleagues. Tony Beddow welcomed the comments from members. He expressed concern about a centrally (London) based formula for needs based funding in respect of equalities. Others disagreed.
Action: agreed nem. con. to be adopted as SHA policy in respect of issues covered in it with additional comments being taken on board by Tony Beddow.

e. Arrangements for elections:

 Action: It was decided that all members would be given a choice of email or postal voting in relation to ballots for officers and membership of Central Council* (*UK national i.e. not branch section).
Stage 1 of process – email (post to non email members) with invitation to nominate
Stage 2 of process: ballot for contested positions by email or post. Voting papers to all members by email and by post if they express a wish to receive in Stage 1.
The details of ballot arrangements should be delegated to the Secretary in consultation with the Director and overseen by two nominated scrutineers.
Auditors were appointed as scrutineers.
Nominations may be accompanied by a statement and biographical details, which the candidate can put onto the web site.  The Director will assist with this process as necessary.  There is no limit on what can be put on the website, but we only undertake to circulate one A4 sheet per candidate by post. It was also requested that any personal interests should be declared.
Nominations can only come from fully paid up members as at 31 December and those nominated must also be fully paid up members as at 31 December and agree to stand.  Members may nominate themselves.
Nominations for the Officers (Chair, Secretary and Treasurer) and for the 20 other members of the CC shall be invited from 20th January. 16(a)
Nominations  close on 22nd February. 16(b)
Voting for the CC members takes place between 22nd February and 6th March and the results announced at the AGM.  Any member may request a paper ballot. 16(c).
f.Governance and Constitutional Review
Harry Clarke presented the paper he had circulated by email.  The Group was thanked for their efforts and for an open and inclusive process. The paper was not discussed but comments and questions could be sent to the Group.  It was agreed that the governance group would meet again in January to take on board comments that had been made and present a further draft of governance proposals some of which could be decided at the AGM. Some could perhaps be taken later if they did not involve changes to the constitution.
g. Director’s report
The Director with the agreement of the Council spoke briefly to his report. Views were expressed that matters relating to the Director and the Editorial Board had not been dealt with effectively either at the meeting on 23rd November or subsequently. It was agreed that that Central Council was not the appropriate forum to discuss particulars and detailed matters of employer-employee relations in respect of the Director.
Action: Patrick Vernon proposed that a mediation process be applied by a neutral mediator from outside the association. This was agreed by members.
The meeting closed at 15.30
Items below not taken
  • 6. Labour Party matters:
  • 7. SHA Policy development process:
  • 8. Report from Editorial Board
  • 9. Report from SHA Wales
  • 10. Report from SHA Scotland
  • 11. Campaigning

Next meeting:  Annual General Meeting – 8th March 2014

3.Matters remitted by AGM (Minutes of the 2104 Annual General Meeting):

  1. Procedure for managing complaints, grievances and discipline
  2. Resolution from Weaver Vale CLP:Despite this Governments claim to support parity of esteem between physical and mental health and well being, Mental Health has been given a significantly poorer deal and has borne a far greater pro rata share of the NHS cuts. This is evidenced by the higher financial cut to Mental Health NHS Trusts for 2014/15 than NHS Acute Trusts.
    Coupled with significant cuts by many Local Authorities to their own Adult Community Mental Health Services, Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services, and Voluntary Sector Grants at a time of rising demand, and lengthening waiting times into psychological therapies, has created a national Mental Health crisis.
    The Socialist Health Association urges an incoming Labour government to urgently redress the resource imbalance and ensure Mental Health Services are properly funded, staffed and responsive.
  3. Proposed affiliations to other organisations:a) existing:
    • Labour Party centrally and Regional Labour Parties
    • Medact,
    • NHS Alliance,
    • James Lind Alliance,
    • Drugs and Health Alliance,
    • Smokefree Action
    • Keep Our NHS Public – delegates report
    • National Voices

    b) New: National Coalition for Independent Action

    4.Report from Labour Party Special Conference 1st March

    5. Nominations (if any) to the Labour Party:

    • Conference Arrangements Committee:
    • Auditors:
    • National Treasurer:

    6. Labour Party Constitutional Amendment if any.

  4. Officers  to be elected by members of Central Council:  Vice Chairs (4):
  5. Proposed future meetings of Central Council:  7th June (London), 20th September, (Manchester), 1st November (London) , 10th January (York).  Next AGM 14th March


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