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Date(s) - 14.03.2015


Birmingham and Midland Institute


1.  Apologies for absence: Rehana Azam, Penny Barber, Jos Bell,  Dr Chris Birt, Cllr Judith Blakeman, Barrie Brown, Audrey Chamberlain, Dr Jacky Chambers, John Charlton, Rosemary Clarke, George Conchie, Dr Kennedy Cruikshank, Pauline Cutress, Professor Guy Daly, Alan Dean, Michael English, Cllr Tina Funnell, Jean Gaffin, Dr Brian Gibbons, David Gresty, Cllr Peter Griffiths, Nye Harries, Christine Hay, Dr Dianne Hayter, Dr Tony Jewell, Lynne Jones, David Lamb, Dr Peter Mayer, Margaret  McCafferty,  Cllr Dave Merrett, Thomas Murray,  Cllr Lesley Pavitt, Frances Pearson, David Pickersgill, Francis Prideaux, Dr Jane Roberts DBE, Rosemary Ross,  Dorothy Runnicles, Dr Wendy Savage, Barry Silverman, Jacqui Smith, Alan Wenban-Smith, Prof Vivien Walsh, Dr Pam Wortley, Sally Young

2.  Minutes of the 2104 Annual General Meeting

3. Matters arising not elsewhere on the agenda

4. Officers to be elected:

a) elected by ballot of members:

  • Chair: Dr Doug Naysmith
  • Secretary: Chris Bain
  • Treasurer: Jane Roberts DBE

Central Council (20 to be elected, not including the 3 Officers): Richard Bourne, Robert Buckley, Dr Hannah Cooke, David Davies, Dr Brian Fisher, Dr Tom Fitzgerald, Dr Patrick French, Cllr Tina Funnell, Dr Brian Gibbons, David Gresty, Dr Tony Jewell, John Lipetz, David Pickersgill, Dr Shibley Rahman, Cllr Mike Roberts, Gavin Ross, Rene Smit, Patrick Vernon, Dr Eric Watts.

b) Vice Chairs, up to 4, to be elected by Central Council members:

  • Dr Shibley Rahman, Cllr Mike Roberts, Tony Beddow

5. To note other members of Central Council

  • West Midlands (4): David Mattocks, Peter Mayer, Alan Wenban-Smith, John Charlton
  • London (6): Jos Bell, Dr Patrick French, Tom Fitzgerald, Vivien Giladi, John Lipetz, Shibley Rahman
  • Scotland (2): Dave Watson, Katrina Murray
  • Wales (2):  Alison Scouller, Prof. Tony Beddow
  • North East (2):

Each nationally affiliated organisation is entitled to a representative:

  • Unison: Guy Collis
  • Unite: Barrie Brown
  • GMB: Rehana Azam
  • Society of Radiographers:

6. Officers  to be elected at the AGM

  • Auditors (2): Dr Tom Fitzgerald, David Mattocks

7.Annual Report

8. Financial and audit report

9. Proposed amendments to the Constitution  (illustration of the effects of the proposed amendments):

  1. In clause 4 of the Constitution: insert the word “National” before “affiliated” in the third sentence. Proposed by officers.
  2. That there is a complete record of GC members attendance including apologies recorded and published for the AGM. In addition if any GC member misses 2 or more meetings without giving apologies then they are aromatically removed from the GC and a substitute member replaces them. Proposed by Mike Roberts
  3. If any GC member resigns then their place will be automatically taken by the next member in the poll until that list is exhausted. If there is no member to replace anyone who has resigned then a member can be co-opted and confirmed by the GC prior to the AGM. Proposed by Mike Roberts
  4. Clause 2a)  Insert ” in the three  devolved administrations and in England” after “To work”. Proposed by Tony Beddow
  5. Clause 2b) Delete “for the Labour Party”. Add ” The SHA at UK will align and work with any political party and  / or body that the AGM judges best placed to take forward a socialist agenda for health and social care”. Proposed by Tony Beddow
  6. Clause 4.Insert after the first sentence “Affiliated bodies may choose to affiliate to the SHA at national or regional / branch level. Fees for both levels will be determined annually by the AGM. Fees paid to regions and branches will be retained by them to support their work. Affiliates at either national or regional/branch level may submit resolutions to the body to which they affiliate and will be entitled to send a representative to the  AGM  of that body with one vote”.  Then, delete the present second  sentence. Proposed by Tony Beddow
  7. Clause 6a) Insert ” of the relevant level of the SHA” after “Treasurer”.  Add ” Branch / regional Treasurers must notify the secretary of new affiliated member bodies within one month of fees being paid”. Proposed by Tony Beddow
  8. Clause 6f)  Delete current rule and insert “Branches / regions will  automatically receive £5 per year for each individual member and will retain £10 for every locally affiliated organisation”. Proposed by Tony Beddow
  9. Clause 7) Insert “National level of the” before “Association” in the first line and again before “Association”. in the last line. Add ” Regional and branch treasurers will prepare annual accounts and a report for their AGM” at the end of this section. Proposed by Tony Beddow
  10. Clause 8.Add “national” before “Association” in the first line. Proposed by Tony Beddow
  11. Clause 9a To read ” The national and regional / branch levels of the Association shall be governed by an Annual General Meeting of members”. Proposed by Tony Beddow
  12. Clause 9b) Add at the end ” for the national level and by officers of regional / branches for regions / branches as these bodies so decide”. Proposed by Tony Beddow
  13. Clause 9c) Insert “at the UK level” after “Association” in both the first line and the last lines. Proposed by Tony Beddow
  14. Clause 10a)  Second sentence to read  ” The Council will elect 4 vice chairs; one to deputise for the Chair as required on English matters, one to link with Scotland, one to link with Wales and one to support and promote coherent policy development in areas decided by the Central Council. Proposed by Tony Beddow
  15. Clause 14a) Third line to read “to meet together for the purposes of electing delegates and submitting resolutions too any bodies that are deemed worthy of receiving SHA  advice” Proposed by Tony Beddow
  16. Clause 14b) Last line to read ” SHA Scotland and SHA Cymru Wales may affiliate to any political party which is judged capable of bring about health and social care based on socialist principles. The AGM of each region will determine such affiliations” Proposed by Tony Beddow
  17.  Clause 16a) Insert ” of the UK body” after “Annual General Meeting” in the first line. Proposed by Tony Beddow
  18. Clause 16b) replace “a resolution” with one resolution or constitutional amendment”. Proposed by Chris Bain.

10. Resolutions:

  1. This AGM of the SHA endorses the 2014 Statement of Policy :   The Care System in England and Wales but wishes to give guidance on the implementation of paragraph 8 to ensure that Non-Executive Directors (NEDS) appointed in accord with Para 8, to contribute  to Governance and, in particular, those decision defined in paragraph  2,  are subject to the democratic accountability implicit in that same paragraph, whilst recognising that achievement of this aim may have to be progressive.  Barry Silverman
  2. Strengthening of the regulatory and legislative framework when it comes to awarding and monitoring private sector contracts to include transparency, accountability and efficiency. There is very little consultation taking place especially when it comes to CCGs and loads of info is regarded ‘commercially sensitive’ so it bypasses FOI. Also all NHS directors and senior officers should be closely monitored for fraud and corruption when it comes to dealing with PS contracts – complaints against contractors should be investigated by the commissioners. Cally Harrison
  3. Since there is a lot of outsourcing in the NHS and loads of call centres and counselling staff being contracted to Capita and others, it should be made obligatory that contractor staff members do explicitly disclose to patients and all relevant stakeholders when asked who’s their employer plus providing their full names which is not the case at the moment. Cally Harrison

11. Proposed affiliations to other organisations:

  • Labour Party centrally and Regional Labour Parties
  • Medact
  • James Lind Alliance
  • Drugs and Health Alliance
  • Smokefree Action
  • Keep Our NHS Public – delegates report
  • National Voices

12. Nominations (if any) to the Labour Party:

13. Labour Party Constitutional Amendment if any.

14. Proposed future meetings of Central Council:  13th June (London),  26th September (Brighton), 9th January


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