Our conferences and seminars are set up to encourage participation, discussion, and debate among those attending. We try to get a mix of research, politics, practice and debate. We attract very mixed audiences: patients, campaigners, councillors and politicians, academics, people from voluntary and  commercial organisations and those who work in the NHS. Some are very well informed and some are not. We ask our speakers to make no assumptions about what people know, and we expect them to deal with questions of all kinds.

We do our best to enable people with special needs to participate, but we are a small organisation with limited resources. Please let us know in advance if you think we may have to make special arrangements for you. If we arrange food some will be vegetarian.  We do not normally book premises which a person in a wheelchair could not get into. We operate an environmental policy.

If a fee is payable and you cancel your booking more than a week in advance then no charge is normally payable. If you give us less than a week’s notice of cancellation then the full conference fee is normally payable, but we are happy to credit you for another event instead. We make an extra charge of £20 for invoices paid more than 6 weeks late. You can pay with a credit card or Paypal. Please make it clear what you are paying for – with our invoice number if you have one.

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