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Date(s) - 22.09.2018

Liverpool Women's Hospital


Save Liverpool Women’s Hospital Campaign will march from Liverpool Women’s Hospital  to the Albert Dock and Labour’s Annual Conference

hands off our NHSOur slogans are

Save Liverpool Women’s Hospital, Save all Maternity Services and Save the NHS

We are campaigning for  a fully funded, fully staffed, publicly provided NHS.

End the crisis in the NHS now

Invest in our mothers, in our babies, in our people

Invest in our hospital, on site.

Reinstate all breast-feeding support services

Invest in mental health

For decent pay, bursaries and lower workloads for all NHS staff.

For an end to privatisation and for services to be brought back in house

For a full reinstatement of the NHS

For an end to rip off  PFI building finance in the NHS and public service

Not one more winter crisis; fix the NHS. This winter there were 10,000 “additional deaths” in England and Wales in the first few weeks of 2018. “This rise of 12.4 per cent, or 10,375 additional deaths, was not due to the ageing of the population” These policies are costing lives

Not one Doctor or Nurse who wants to work in the NHS and is fit to do so,and has a job offer to face deportation.

Health care for every mother and baby and health care for all, 

Not one more  contract to go to for profit organisations. These companies are there to make profit and public services are suffering from this

Campaigners have to encourage NHS Staff that together we can change this mess

The fight for our hospital is part of the struggle for the NHS. We face the largest corporate interests who see it as a business opportunity. Remember Carillion and the Royal Liverpool Hospital rip off. The NHS was founded as a public service for the people

£ The NHS as a national service is fully affordable, when it gets the same proportion of public expenditure as other western European countries pay for their health care, the same proportion as the UK used to pay before 2010.This is less than the appalling US system

Good health care is good investment in the population and prevents much human pain and grief.

Privatisation just makes money for the shareholders.The whole model is flawed as a method of delivering public service

What do you think?

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