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Date(s) - 26.11.2013


Richmond House


The 4:1 Campaign  are calling for supporters of the NHS and the health workers who provide its vital services to hold a rally outside the Department of Health. The last weeks have brought more disastrous news about the NHS; from the RCN revealing the NHS has over 20,000 nursing vacancies, to the Department of Health’s decision to downgrade (effectively close) 100 A&E departments.

Rally for the NHS

Rally for the NHS

Jeremy Hunt is reporting to parliament on the 19th of November, giving the government’s response to the Francis, Keogh and Berwick reports into the NHS.

While we can’t predict exactly Hunt’s response, his action’s since the publishing of the Francis report give us little hope for change in direction. Whether it’s the the refusal to refer work on evidence based staffing levels to NICE, or his appeal against the closure of Lewisham Hospital, they point to further attempts to stall action on the crippling under-staffing plaguing NHS wards, alongside further cut’s and closures of vital services.

We believe those who support the NHS, it’s staff and patients need to provide an alternative vision for the future of the NHS. That’s why we are going to be outside the Department of Health on the 26th with our own proposals for how to protect and improve the NHS.

The rally will last from 12-2 outside the DoH in Whitehall, with speakers and stunts to highlight different aspects of the crisis afflicting the NHS, while giving an opportunity for health workers and patients to give their solutions to the crisis being created in the NHS.

If you want to help promote or organise the protest, or support it in an official capacity please contact us at fourtoonecampaign@gmail.co.uk

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