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Date(s) - 23.08.2014

Dewsbury Town Hall


This is a feeder march which goes to join the main march at Pinderfields Hospital at 3.30    



The NHS is owned by us and loved by us

We are angry and shocked at the Governments assault on our most prized inheritance. But, day by day, numbers of us folks willing to fight for the NHS are growing. We all need our NHS and we think it’s time to join up the thousands already campaigning and work together to keep it!

We are connecting people across our communities who are every bit as angry as we are, and who have decided to take up the fight to protect our hospitals and services from health profiteers.

If like us, you want your voice to be heard, if you are tired of silently watching our health service be dismantled and undermined, then the we ask you to take up the 999 Call for the NHS and join The People’s March for the NHS.

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