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Date(s) - 05.07.2013


Westminster Bridge


Health and Social Care Act holds the door open to privatisation and fragmentation of the service and equal healthcare free at the point of delivery is no longer guaranteed says GMB

On Friday 5th July GMB will celebrate the 65th birthday of the NHS at Westminster and in at least 29 other locations across the UK. See notes to editors for locations and times for the other 29 events in London and across the UK.

On Friday 5th July ambulances from 40’s, 50� ��s & 80’s eras have been sourced by GMB to be at Westminster to mark the event. See picture of these old ambulances in notes to editors below.

From 9am till 11am the vehicles will drive in slow procession starting at Westminster Bridge heading towards Parliament Square, around the square into Whitehall, around the roundabout, and back down Whitehall, around Parliament Square and back across Westminster Bridge. It will do this route passing Big Ben from Bridge Street into Parliament Square with Parliament and Westminster Hall in the background several times.

At 10am there will be a photocall as the ambulances pass through Parliament Square.

At 10am Friday 5th July
As ambulances turn from Bridge Street into Parliament Square

On the pavement as they pass in front of Parliament there will be Ambulance Staff dressed in old era uniforms carrying GMB Flags. They will have with them a ‘Save the NHS’ banner.

Photographers and cameras may wish be at statue of Winston Churchill in Parliament Square to get pictures or alternatively get pictures with Big Ben in background from Westminster Bridge.

Rehana Azam, GMB National Officer for the NHS, said “Today is the NHS 65th Birthday, a day where we celebrate the fantastic contribution health workers make to the NHS.

After David Cameron became leader of the Tory Party, he spelt out his priorities in three letters – ‘NHS’. This promise brought his party out of the political wilderness.

However over the past two years we have seen Mr Cameron, supported by Mr Clegg, deliver a toxic Health and Social Care Act which has included a major reorganisation of the NHS in England. This holds the door open to privatisation and fragmentation of the service. No longer are we guaranteed equal healthcare free at the point of delivery.

The current crisis in the ambulance service is just one example of how their toxic Health Bill is having devastating consequences to services, patients’ health and patient outcomes.

We know why the British Public didn’t trust the Tories in 2001 and 2005 elections. Politicians who attack our NHS will not be forgiven at the polls.

Don’t Let the Tories scrap the NHS on its 65th birthday.”

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