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Date(s) - 16.07.2016


Liverpool Quaker Meeting House


A chance to find out what the Labour candidates for Mayor of Merseyside have to say about health and social care.

Confirmed candidates:

Luciana Berger

Steve Rotheram

Joe Anderson


Bookings are closed for this event.


  1. Lynne Johnson says:

    I thought we are in the middle of an austerity drive, so why spend £millions on yet another mayor? It is only so someone else can put their snout in the trough and get paid a fortune for selling off the region piece by piece.
    We are supposed to be all in it together, so cut fancy named councillors and save us money instead of wasting it.

  2. Lesley Smirke says:

    I have tried to book to go to the hustings, but it says my CH postcode is invalid.
    Does that mean that people from the Wirral are not able to attend ?

    1. Martin Rathfelder says:

      I’m afraid our software is not so sophisticated. Email me at admin@sochealth.co.uk and i will book you in

  3. Roland Graham says:

    Often poor decisions are reached and money is poorly spent. Better governance can reduce this. London is now better governed through having a mayor than it was without one. Lets do the same in Merseyside and Greater Manchester. Good new ideas are badly needed now.

    1. Dan Haverly says:

      Agree so long as it isn’t an excuse for central government to fob the blame for cuts on someone else as has happened with local councils

  4. Roland Graham says:

    1. How do you intend to deal with the curse of pollution, killing as it does many more than in collisions on the road?

    2. What powers will you have over roads, and how much will you leave to the districts to decide?

    3. Do you think it is better to have a programme for cycling for a few years, or to continue with an array of disconnected small schemes?

    1. Martin Rathfelder says:

      Good questions. Thank you

  5. Martin Rathfelder says:

    How much influence with the Mayor have over health and education in Merseyside?

    1. Derek Gould says:

      Nearly half of Liverpool citizens have no access to a car, yet bus lanes were removed to tackle unproven ‘congestion’, with a report by Mott MacDonald showing a doubling of polllution in Lime Street and some lengthening of bus passengers’ journeys.

      The whole of Liverpool is an Air Quality Management Area where particulate levels breach EU standards and have been implicated in 239 deaths annually (2440 life-years lost), amongst the UK’s highest air quality risks. Notwithstanding this, it appears that the City’s four, comprehensive, pollution-measuring stations have been turned off.

      Liverpool’s road casualty rate amongst vulnerable users has risen to the highest levels outside London, with 53% deaths and severe injuries now occurring amongst pedestrians and cyclists (National average 38%).

      Q1. How will the Mayoral candidate(s) propose to address these known shortcomings of our transport system, with amongst the UK’s worst traffic-related air quality and road risk?

      Q2. If elected, will the Mayoral candidate(s) adopt a vision of zero road deaths for Merseyside*?

      * Vision Zero Merseyside; pdf document. http://www.wirralpedestrians.org.uk/files/vision_zero_merseyside.pdf

  6. Dan Haverly says:

    General Economy- how will you promote our regions interests so that our brightest and best youngsters stay here creating a more vibrant community?

    Politics – how will you ensure that you are not used as conduit for central government cuts?

  7. Katy Gardner says:

    1. What are your views on the devolution of Health services locally?

    2. How could you influence/implement/develop public health policies to benefit health locally eg the sugar tax?

    3. What steps will you take to maximise the use of green and blue spaces in the City Region?

  8. Sheilasweeney says:

    As a community worker, I would want to know how much input a new Mayor would have over the CCGs. I an thinking about transparency and accountability. It is even more important with the level of cuts the NHS has to cope with. CCGs should concentrate more on prevention and overall neighbourhood health and well being.

  9. kena@dsl.pipex.com says:

    How relevant today in Health & Social Care is Labour’s inception of ‘Patient Choice’ regarding treatment they would wish to receive ?

  10. together4now says:

    In what ways have your personal identity and politics been influenced or shaped by environmental issues and feminist values over the years? If you took up this new role, how would these issues and values manifest themselves in policy and practice?

    As a politician, do you adhere to neolilberal priorities and practices or do you identify as an anti-Austerity politician? Please explain the reasons for your preferred political stance.

  11. john cook says:

    on 14th June Liverpool Clinical Commissioning Group decommissioned the homeopathy service provided by qualified medical practitioners in Liverpool and wirral against the wishes of the users and prospective users of the service. This individualised service has been available in the area on the NHS since the inception of the NHS the original hospital having been donated to the City by Sir Henry Tate. there is unresolved controversy about the efficacy of specific homeopathic remedies used in isolation but there is good scientific evidence in support of an individualised service as a complementary therapy. do candidate agree patient choice is paramount where a service has the support of the medical practitioners of that service, and will they agree to support its re-commissioning as a matter of urgency?

  12. Fiona Mather says:

    Do the panel have an opinion on patient choice, as in the case of the homeopathy service which has been withdrawn from the NHS due to pressure from sceptic group the Good Thinking Society. This group having no experience of homeopathy have successfully prevented patients, that used and valued the homeopathy service provided by qualified medical and homeopathically trained doctors, from having a democratic choice of treatment. In my opinion it is both fascisistic and an insult to the conscientious doctors. I myself have now been prevented from having homeopathic treatment which at this time is devastating for me personally.

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