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Date(s) - 27.09.2016


Liverpool Quaker Meeting House


Chaired by David Brindle

with Dr Simon Duffy Director of the Centre for Welfare Reform

Professor Caroline Glenndinning specialist advisor to the Communities and Local Government select committee

Barbara Keeley MP

Cheryl Barrott, Change Agents UK

Simon Cramp, Learning Disability England



  1. Brigid. Benson says:

    Common sense, totally in agreement. In the interest of most of the population who lack the resources to fund their own private health and end of life care. This must be promoted as normal, not radical, fringe or extremist.

  2. Health and well-being needs to be viewed through the prism of human rights which underpins the rights of all to access opportunities to be full citizens. Existing “command and control” processes within health and social care provision means power rests with managers and professional rather than the individual. Co-operative values and principles offers a chance to shift the power balance ( or rather in-balance)whereby so called service user/patients, families, workers and communities, not only shape the service, but equally co-own and share the governance of those services.

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