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Date(s) - 25.06.2016


Manchester Quaker Meeting House


An opportunity to find out what the Labour candidates for Greater Manchester Mayor have to say about health and social care.

Confirmed candidates:

Andy Burnham

Ivan Lewis

Tony Lloyd


Bookings are closed for this event.


  1. Ray Tallis says:

    Proposed questions: “How will you protect the NHS from further privatisation and sell-off to profit-making, disruption-inducing healthcare businesses, given that the health budget is to be merged with a predominantly privately provided social care budget?”

    or “How will you protect the NHS from wasteful, disruptive privatisation?”

  2. dave clemmett says:

    What do you feel are the plus points and minuses to the integration of health and Social care services

  3. Martin Yuille says:

    England’s Health Check system introduced by Labour in 2009 is the largest cardiovascular risk assessment and management programme in the world.

    But only about 1 in 6 people get the check. In Salford it’s 1 in 8 and in Oldham 1 in 9.

    How will you seek to change this? And how will you improve outcomes?

  4. QUESTION: this week the High Court has allowed a legal challenge over the Care Act wellbeing principle, specifically that a reduced care package has resulted in a breach of several statutory duties. How – as GM Mayor – would you ensure that disabled people’s right to independent living, in line with the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Disabled People, is realised?

  5. QUESTION: Will you back and drive radical NHS changes like GPs being able to prescribe boilers? In Sunderland this has resulted in patients being able to fully heat their homes, save on utility bills, call out doctors less and attend A&E less.

  6. Terry Tallis says:

    Given that in Today’s Guardian. 15.06.16. Steven Dorrell of the NHS Confederation , who is handsomely funded by KPMG to advance their privatisation of the NHS. agenda, said that Howard Bernstein, is one of the most important people in Health, what reassurance can we have that he is committed to keeping our NHS public, and what are his plans to prevent further privatisation?
    How will the candidates work with him, given that he did not consult with elected representatives about Devo Manc, but organised it behind their backs?

  7. Irwin Brown says:

    Is DevoManc a threat to the National Health Service?

  8. Martin Rathfelder says:

    We don’t spend much on preventing ill health, and we don’t do much to improve public health, even though everyone agrees we should. What could the Mayor do to shift resources towards prevention?

    1. Nicholas says:

      He could just follow Simon Stevens and close down hospitals using that discourse.

      1. Martin’s been advocating that for years!

  9. Chris Larkin says:

    The new GM Mayor will take up office with 15,000 voluntary organisations, community groups and social enterprises across Greater Manchester already working hard to eradicate inequality. How would you seek to support and work with them?

  10. Gina Reynolds says:

    What would you do to ensure that the needs of people with mental health conditions are met with the funding that will be available?

  11. Heather Leach says:

    What could the mayor do to address a lack of specialist and clinical knowledge in lesser known conditions in the region? And how would you address creating innovation and cross specialism health and social care models for those living with debilitating and chronic conditions who are often left to manage on their own?

  12. Paul Cassidy says:

    If prevention is better than cure, how would you propose change Greater Manchester’s current spending priorities generally, not just on health and care specifically?

  13. Alison Cordingley says:

    Should the congestion charge be revisited?

  14. Ruth Hirschfield says:

    How will a post code lottery in health be avoided?

  15. 1. What percentage limit of the budget would you set for paying out on debt repayments e.g. PFI

    What penalties should you face if you break this commitment?

    2. How would you sort out this failed PFI?
    Would you rearrange for these contracts to be simplified? How much is going to lawyers, accountants, consultants and managers and how much on equipment and wages?

    3. What about issuing bonds and setting your own taxes?

    Do you think there should be an upper limit to how much money Manchester borrows and if so, how much?

    4. Look at the wiki for the PFI – it shows none of the problems.


    5. Why are you hiring nurses from many places outside of the UK and Greater Manchester? Are there no nurses available in Manchester? How would you deal with this?

    6. Manchester Energy Hub is being founded at a time of great opportunity for Greater Manchester, would you consider making it the energy provider for the NHS in Greater Manchester? This would surely provide a great way to tie in Greater Manchester projects in a mutually beneficially system.

  16. Simone Spray says:

    Devolution is underpinned by a recognition that we need to address the inequalities that exist across Greater Manchester, despite the economic growth that has been enjoyed by some; how will you ensure inclusive growth that really tackles inequality and engage and involve young people so that they inherit a better future?

  17. Carey Bamber says:

    My 14 year old daughter would like to ask :
    What will you do to improve the mental health of all young people across GM, and how can you ensure that those young people experiencing difficulty can get quick and simple access to support.

  18. Jeff Seneviratne says:

    What would you do to try to ensure that decisions about the provision of Health and Social Care are made with the wisdom of experience – from within and outwith Greater Manchester?

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