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Date(s) - 20.11.2014 – 21.11.2014


Houses of Parliament


To support Clive Efford’s Bill to repeal the damaging competition rules that the Tory-led Government inflicted on the NHS in its Health and Social Care Act 2012.

The Bill would rewrite the rules that force market tendering of services and that are seeing millions of pounds wasted on competition lawyers that should instead be spent on patients.

The Efford Bill aims to:

  • Return to the Secretary of State the responsibility to guarantee comprehensive healthcare provided free at the point of need.
  • Put patient care before private profit, protecting our NHS from the competition-led race to the bottom opened up in the Health and Social Care Act.
  • Limit the amount of income NHS trusts can make from private patients, ensuring NHS patients are not forced to the back of the queue behind paying customers.
  • Give Parliament sovereignty over the NHS so that any future treaties or trade agreements would have


  1. I’m not sure the Efford Bill does what you are claiming it does and in particular anything to prevent competition. For example the bill says the following: “The Secretary of State shall exercise his powers under this Act ……..so as to ensure that that any person who is concerned in commissioning or providing health services for the purposes of the health service—

    3. (c) does not engage in anti-competitive or any other behaviour which the Secretary of State considers is against the interests of people who use health services.

    So it just shifts the responsibility for preventing anti-competitive behaviour from Monitor to the SoS. How can this be construed as “protecting our NHS from competition”?

    There may be some positive things in the bill – I’m not sure yet – but please don’t make overblown claims about it. It is misleading.

  2. Martin Rathfelder says:

    We are only repeating what the promoters of the Bill say will be its effect. Anyone who would like to write an analysis of it would be most welcome. But it does need to be construed as a whole.

  3. alan spence says:

    Support this Bill,Yes! because it keeps the debate in Parliament alive.

    However, the killer of the Tory/Lib Act is Lord David Owen’s Bill.

    We should mobilise through a referendum the survivors and descendents of people joining the NHS at its 1948 birth to sign and register support for this Bill.

    The power of England is its People-and not a Parliament of divided political parties-and that MP’s act for People not Parties. Thus, each MP would vote freely in parliament for the above. A MP violating h/h constituency result- recalled to answer to the electorate.

    Every child born in this country receives a NHS number which stays until death- h/h Birthright: for Health; against Illness, and succor as Death approaches.

    This Right was accepted and endorsed by 93.1% of the population who joined the NHS at its foundation in 1948.

    And 2015- Magna Carta 800 years on-could be the occassion for its reaffirmation and that English Liberties are still in evolution-for our future, as we received them from the past.

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