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Date(s) - 11.05.2012


Toynbee Hall


Labour left a legacy of a highly effective, popular and improving health service which will soon be wrecked by the Coalition reforms which have united virtually every key health organisationagainst them. One reason for the public’s ambiguity about Labour and the health deforms is that there appears no alternative vision from the party. Indeed, some clinicians and academics see Labour as not only opening the door to these changes, butplanning for them itself.

We have reached the stage in the political cycle where we must start to produce and alternative vision. We plan

  • To influence LP health policy
  • To build a coalition of support for a rational evidence based health policy

The issues our members think we should concentrate on are:

This list is not comprehensive, but is intended to support the work programme of the Health Policy Commission.It’s now clear that campaigning around the Government’s reform of the NHS is likely to continue, and that campaigning may help us to clarify the principles which we regard as important and differentiate our approach from that of the Government.

This seminar is designed to work out which of these areas we need to prioritise, what we agree about and how this programme relates to campaigning activity

Impossible Challenge? Where do we go with Labour Party Health Policy in 2012?


10am Introduction

10.15  Cllr Catherine West, Labour Party Health Policy Commission – role of local authorities

11am  Debbie Abrahams MP, Labour Party Health Policy Commission – public health

12 pm Lunch

1pm Dr Ruth Thorlby,  Nuffield Trust

3pm close

Notes from the discussion


Bookings are closed for this event.

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