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Date(s) - 04.07.2014


Kingston Hospital


On Friday 4th July, the Kingston Hospital Branch of Unison will be presenting a plaque to Kate Grimes, the Chief Executive of Kingston Hospital NHS Trust, which commemorates the contribution that David Stark Murray, a Consultant Pathologist at the hospital from 1939 to 1965, made to the formation of the NHS and to Pathology.

Born in Scotland he came to London in 1927 as a Pathologist to the Lambeth Hospital.  In 1939 he was appointed Group Pathologist for Kingston and Richmond Hospitals, and he worked at Kingston Hospital until 1965.  He was the first person to suggest Sterile Supplies be centralised and set up a system in Kingston, thought to be one of the first, now copied all over the world.  He was a member, and later President, of the Socialist Medical Association and it was through this organisation that he came to influence the setting up of the NHS with Nye Bevan.

You can read more about him

Unison Vice Chair Nora Pearce said “ This is the eve of the NHS’s 66th birthday and we wanted to pay tribute to a man who could be called one of it’s midwives!  He was dedicated to the principle that to be healthy was a right not a privilege and that the NHS should be free at the point of need, paid for through taxation.  This is something we are fighting to keep today.”

The Unison Branch are also hoping that a building on the site will be named after David Stark Murray.


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