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Date(s) - 12.12.2020




30 sec silence for all those who have died during Covid.

Apologies for absence

Roll call of valid CC members – Jean and Gurinder

To note the Register of Interests.

  1. Minutes of the last meeting Socialist Health Association Minutes 30th Sept 20
  2. Matters arising not on the agenda
  3. That CC notes the Chair’s report – Brian CHAIRS REPORT
  4. That CC notes the Secretary’s report – Brian/Jean Secretary Report 12December 2020
  5. That CC notes the Administrator’s report – Brian Admin report 06122020
  6. That CC agree the report from the website group. That the proposed expenditure be considered in the finance report – Brian REPORT ON PROGRESS ON IMPROVING THE SHA WEBSITE
  7. That CC agree the report on the guest blogs – Brian SHA sponsored blogs policy
  8. That CC agree the finance report and budget – Martin Finance Report to Central Council 12.12.20
  9. That CC agree the report from the independent auditor – Martin SHA – independent audit
  10. Central Council notes that the Central Council meeting held on 19/01/2019 took a decision pertaining to clause 5d. of the SHA constitution. Central Council notes the severe inconsistencies, deviation from due process and premature and prejudicial treatment as recorded in the minutes of the said meeting as published on the SHA website. Central Council agrees the decision taken at the Central Council meeting of 19/01/2019 is not competent to stand and to reverse the decision.
  11. That CC consider the race, racism and health policy scoping paper with a view to endorsing it being taken forward – Brian SCOPING PAPER ON RACE, RACISM AND HEALTH POLICY
  12. That CC note the report from the meeting of branches on 21/11/20. – Brian ACTION NOTES OF ZOOM MEETING OF BRANCHES
  13. That CC agrees to co-opt on to CC 5 members, one each from London, Yorkshire, Manchester, North-East, Liverpool branches, with branches able to choose the delegate – Brian
  14. That CC agree the report of the five person group on the SGM. SGM SGH 5GFinalV4 5 person group
  15. If item 14 is agreed, that CC consider the constitutionality of the proposed motion.
  16. That CC consider the paper on a process for developing briefing papers for the Shadow Team and agree amendments – Brian SHA process for rapid briefings and policy statement
  17. That CC agree a process for the Socialist Societies election. That all SHA members are eligible to be nominated. That a brief statement will be required in advance. That the vote will be taken via Election Buddy and by post. That the elected delegate takes their place at the next SocSoc AGM, probably in 2021. To change the rules at the next AGM to ensure that the SocSoc rep is on CC Brian

Addition financial document for point 8

SHA Draft Budget 2021

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