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Date(s) - 30.03.2019


Viva Brazil Clayton Hotel


SHA Central Council

Saturday 30 March 2019, 1300-1700


Venue: Meeting Room 2 (2nd floor – lift access), The Clayton Hotel, St Mary Street, Cardiff, CF10 1GD (5 minute walk from Cardiff Central station)

Please note: the google map on the SHA website is not accurate, but the hotel is above the Viva Brazil restaurant

1500 Guest Speaker 

Julie Morgan, Assembly member for Cardiff North and Deputy Minister for Health and Social Services in the Welsh Government.

‘Public services – the Welsh Way’

1300-1700 Central Council meeting


1 Apologies

2 Notes of SHA Central Council meeting held in Oxford on 19.1.2019  Notes of SHA Central Council 19 Jan 2019

(i) Matters arising

3 Secretary’s report Informal Secretary_March 2019

4 Treasurer – resignation of Dr Tom Fitzgerald

5 Policy development

(i) Draft  Policy Paper – Towards a Socialist Integrated Care System   Policy doc Towards an integrated care sytem jan19v2 CC paper

(ii) SHA Maternity Policy  SHA Maternity Policy3 with introductory comments

(iii) Public health (paper to follow)
(iv) Policy development update

6 Report on Labour Party Women’s Conference, 23/24 February 2019. SHA Women’s conference report Telford Feb 2019.-1

7 Social care

(i) Social Care and Support (model Labour Party Resolution  2019-03-11 Reclaim Social Care_FINAL

(ii) Reclaim Social Care campaign   Summary of Reclaim Social Care Campaign_ABamend bf

8 Chair’s report

9 Item 12 – Update on Governance (Clarke Review)

10 Finance report

11 AOB

12 Dates of future meetings

One Comment

  1. While both ‘SHA Maternity Policy 3 ‘ and ‘Reclaim Social Care’ are excellent documents and I fully appreciate the hard work that has gone into producing them , the position of the NHS itself in various footprints in less affluent regions of the country is extremely precarious- cancer waiting times etc are not being meet and important life enhancing operations are being denied. All our public services are under threat and starved of money, education, police and the fire services as well as our NHS and Social Care. An incoming Labour government will have to deal with a crisis on all these fronts.
    Would it be in order for the SHA to address what is happening now to our NHS in ways that ordinary people can understand? There are many people much more able to do this than I , but may I suggest as a starting point the following:
    1, Doctors, nurses,midwives and radiographers should be trained in sufficient numbers to make up for the years of neglect and be offered free training and bursaries provided they agreed to not work for any private health company or abroad for at least 10 years. If they choose to do so they would need to repay our NHS .

    2.More, not fewer, NHS hospital beds need to be provided. Our NHS hospitals are too full and last winter the solution implemented by NHS England, headed by Simon Stevens, was to stop much needed but not life threatening operations, causing great distress. Waiting times for all operations, including cancer treatments, are increasing.

    3. It is essential that the funding streams of social care and the NHS are kept separate, It is instructive to note who is behind the friendly sounding ‘intergrating social care with the NHS’. Integrated Care Systems contracts are often given by NHS England to private health companies such as Optimum Health Care , which appears to also be associated with health insurance and Medicare in the USA.

    4 Publicise and explain the urgent need for Reinstating the NHS before 5,10 year or even longer contracts are signed with private companies.

    Kind regards,
    C. L, Lowry

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