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Date(s) - 17.06.2017

Unite Building


Apologies: Caroline Walsh, Fiona Twycross, Jean Hardiman Smith, Catharine Grundy, David Mattocks, Gurinder Singh Josan, Doug Naysmith, Aysha Raza

1.Minutes of the meeting held on 11th March 2017

  • Matters arising

Vice Chairs

Policy Commission report

2. Labour Party matters:

  • Conference delegates
  • NEC Nomination
  • National Policy Forum Consultation 2017

5. Report from SHA representatives

6. Future strategy

3. Director’s report:  We now have ten members in the Commons: Ian Austin, Richard Burden, Louise Ellman, Diana Johnson, Ivan Lewis, Shabana Mahmood, Jessica Phillips, Karen Smyth, Alex Sobel,  Tom Watson.

  • Financial Report
  • Financial standing orders & expenses: 

    clause 6   take out “S/he prepares cheques and signs them in respect of bills received.” and say “Invoices are normally paid electronically”. 
    Clause 7: Expenses will be paid for authorised activities agreed in advance. This includes attendance by Central Council members at agreed meetings of the council, officers at meetings of the officers, and attendance by any agreed delegate to a conference or other event.  Claims should be submitted within one month of expenditure being incurred, normally accompanied by receipts specifying the activities against the specific expenses incurred. Second class rail travel or the equivalent for other modes of travel is normally paid. In the event that journeys have to be made by car the SHA will reimburse at the rate of 25p per mile, and 10p per mile for each additional person carried, and the cost of parking. For use of a bicycle the SHA will pay £1 per day. The Association recognises its obligations under the equalities legislation.  Any costs such as accommodation, subsistence, insurance, medical expenses or additional costs arising from a person’s disability, such as the cost of a carer, interpreters or taxis should be agreed in advance. 

  • Advertising policy proposal from Alex:
  • 1 Advertising on the SHA website has been discussed at the last three Central Council meetings. It was agreed at the AGM to refer the issue to the officers. We had an initial discussion, when we agreed that we should not accept adverts which are unethical or which run counter to SHA policies or principles. However, elections and other events then took over and we have not revisited the issue to make firm recommendations. I’m therefore submitting this short paper to facilitate a discussion which will hopefully lead to clear policy recommendations from Central Council.

    2 We recently ran – and continue to run – an advert entitled ‘Breast reconstruction after cancer treatment with fat transfer and fat graft’. While the advert – placed by a US company called Smart Lipo – gives a superficial impression of being a scientific review of treatment options for post-mastectomy breast cancer, it is in fact promoting a particular form of private cosmetic surgery and it contains a hyperlink to a website selling this surgery. The website shows photos of a large number of surgeons, all men, and encourages website visitors to select one of them. SHA ran this advert at the time that the surgeon Ian Paterson was being sentenced for criminal assaults involving unnecessary breast surgery.

    As well as targeting vulnerable women, the advert also runs counter to our policies and principles regarding private medicine. I requested it be removed from our website and the fee refunded.

    The officers were in full agreement regarding the inappropriateness of this advert. Further case examples will be given below.

    3 While advertising makes a significant contribution to our income – over £4000 per year – we should not compromise our policies and principles nor act unethically in order to obtain advertising revenue.

    4 Because we are a principled health related organisation, it’s natural for people who visit our website to assume that at the very least, we don’t disapprove of anything we advertise. This should therefore be borne in mind whenever we screen proposed adverts.

    5 A further issue concerns the appropriateness of carrying any health related advertising. My view is that we should not carry any advertising for health related products or services. I would include in this any foods, nutrients or other substances that are believed or claimed to affect health.

    6 Judged by the above standards and criteria, we frequently carry adverts that are either unethical, morally unacceptable, contradictory to our policies and principles, and/or medically unacceptable. Here are some further recent examples:

    “Brazilian Butt-Lift” Website launched by Digital Marketing Gurus;

    High Paying Health Care Careers;

    Benefits of Garcinia Cambogia;

    Treating Drug and Alcohol Addiction According to Socialist Values

    These have all appeared since March.

    7 Recommendations

    Action on this issue should not be delayed any longer. Central Council is asked to support the following recommendations:

    (a) all future SHA website adverts should be thoroughly screened including all hyperlinks;

    (b) no adverts reviewing or recommending medical, nutritional, physical, or mental therapies or substances should be accepted;

    (c) no adverts which run counter to SHA policies or principles should be accepted;

    (d) in any cases of uncertainty, the judgment of at least three of the officers (Chair, Secretary, Treasurer, Vice Chairs) will be considered as final;

    (e) the breast reconstruction advert referred to at (2) above should be removed immediately and the fee returned to the advertiser;

    (f) these recommendations should be implemented immediately.

Next meeting: September 23, in Brighton

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