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Date(s) - 18.06.2016


St Lukes Birmingham


Apologies for absence: Tony Beddow, Guy Collis, Barrie Brown, Alison Scouller, David Taylor-Gooby, Dr Mike Grady, Katrina Murray, Dr Doug Naysmith, Caroline Walsh, Alan Wenban-Smith


  1. Minutes of Central Council
  2. Matters arising:
    1. NHS Reinstatement Bill
  3. Proposed co-option: Cllr Catherine Grundy
  4. Procedure proposal:
    1. Any Central Council member (or any member?) who wants a decision on a matter of policy which cannot wait for the next scheduled CC meeting may request an electronic vote.
    2. The proposition to be decided must be published on the website and emailed to all SHA members, who will be invited to make comments on the website.
    3. A time scale will be published at the same time for receipt of comments and for a poll of CC members.
    4. An absolute majority of CC members (21 at present) in favour will be required for a policy to be adopted
    5. Any policies decided in this manner will be reviewed at the next CC meeting
  5. Vice Chairs
  6. Labour Party matters:
    1. Conference delegates
    2. Nominations to NEC, etc
    3. Proposal for amendment of Labour Party Constitution.  Delete all existing meaningless Blairite waffle which is the current clause 4. Insert new words:  “Labour is a democratic socialist party working for a fairer, healthier and more equal society.”
    4. Contemporary motion (not allowed if we submit a contemporary resolution)
  7. Report on mental health seminars in Easington and Norwich
  8. Policy issues from today’s policy review

Next meeting: 24th September, Liverpool

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