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Date(s) - 14.01.2017


Unite Building


Apologies for absence: Dr Patrick French, Dr Peter Mayer, James Gill, Caroline Walsh, Jos Bell, Steve Bedser, David Mattocks, Catharine Grundy, Patrick Vernon, Brian Gibbons


  1. Minutes of the meeting in Brighton  September
  2. Matters arising
  3. Suggested constitutional amendments, for consideration, not decision:
    1. Clause 9b to read:  The execution of the decisions made at Annual and Special Meetings of the members shall be the responsibility of the Central Council.
    2. Clause 9c to read: The Central Council shall conduct the political business of the Association, set up such sub-committees and special interest groups as are considered desirable from time to time, receive reports from those sub-committees and special interest groups, and appoint all delegates to represent the Association nationally.
    3. Clause 9d to read: The Central Council will act in accord with the objects of the Constitution and with policy as laid down by Annual and Special meetings. Between such meetings it should decide the Association’s policy.
    4. New clause 9e to read:  The Honorary Officers shall be responsible for the administration of the financial affairs and property of the Association and for the appointment and management of staff. They will submit an Annual Report to the Annual Meeting. Between Central Council meetings, they will be responsible for the running of the Association and will report on significant decisions to Central Council.
    5. Clause 10a to read The Central Council shall consist of the Honorary Officers (Chair, Vice Chairs, Honorary Treasurer and Honorary Secretary), fifteen directly elected members, branch delegates (see below), and a representative from each nationally affiliated organisation.
    6. Delete clause 10f
  4. Discussion of how to take forward work on our policies:
    • Public Health and Health Inequalities
    •  Organisation of health and care services; Quality; Governance
    •  Mental Health
    •  Primary Care
    •  Benefits and Disabilities; Social Care
    •  Slogan/mission statement
    •  International
    •  Building blocks
    •   Statement of principles/ slogan
  5. SHA election procedures
  6. Action on Smoking and Health: Jos has agreed to be our delegate

  7. Women’s issues: Jean offers take responsibility

  8. Campaigning:  HCT demonstration 4th March, Copeland bye election
  9. Labour Party matters
    1.  Our constitutional amendment to Clause 4: “Labour is a democratic socialist party working for a fairer, healthier and more equal society.”
    2. National Policy Forum.
  10. Financial Report:   at the end of 2016 we had £27316 in the bank – an increase of £6500 during the year.
  11. Next meeting:  Annual General Meeting  11 March 2017

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