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Date(s) - 30.09.2020



Agenda for Central Council 30/9/20

1.       Apologies

2.       Minutes of last meeting Minutes and notes of SHA Central Council meeting by Zoom 1 8 20

3.       Matters arising

4.       Officers’ reports SHA CHAIR’S REPORT AUG 20                            2019 2020 Account summary as at 30 July 2020

5.       Length of this meeting

a.       Motion: “that Standing Order E be suspended for the meeting and the meeting be allowed to run for a maximum of 3 hours.”

6.       Treasurer

a.       Motion “that central council makes arrangements for the election of a treasurer as set out in standing orders.”

b.       If the treasurer has agreed to act in a constitutional fashion, this item will not be required.

7.       Investigation into finances

a.       Motion “that central council appoints an independent, suitable person to examine the financial management of the association over the       previous 3 years and to report to central council with recommendations for appropriate systems, processes and financial governance.”

8.       Motion on PayPal expenditure.

a.       This central council notes that the SFI passed at the cc meeting on 1st August stated that no payments are to be made from the PayPal account from 1/8/2020.
The CC requires that Officers / Admin with access to this account report to the CC on whether this has been enacted.  Email enquiries to the chair have gone unanswered.

9.       Motion on audit of SHA accounts

a.       This central council notes that the chair has acknowledged that unauthorised payments have been made from the sha accounts over the past two years.

b.       The CC requires that a comprehensive audit be undertaken of all SHA accounts immediately by the elected auditors prior to any ‘independent’ investigation.

10.   Special General Meeting

a.       Motion: “that central council considers how a special general meeting can be held in a manner which is consistent with the constitution and the Covid regulations without restricting the rights of any member.”

11.   Date of AGM Branch elections and AGM date 1 9 20  Branch elections and AGM date 1 9 20

a.       Motion “that Central Council agrees that the SHA AGM should be held on 20 march 2021 with the request for motions and nominations to central council being circulated on 20 February 2021 and that two members be appointed to approve the arrangements for any ballot and to provide advice and guidance to members and branches.”

12.   Co-opting branches that have no representation on CC

a.       Motion: “that Central Council co-opts a representative from Yorkshire as a non-voting member to ensure that every branch has representation on Central Council”

13.   Improving liaison with branches SUGGESTIONS FOR IMPROVING COMMUNICATION BETWEEN BRANCHES AND CENTRAL COUNCIL SHAL members consultation and recommendations

14.   SHA process for rapid briefings and policy statements SHA process for rapid briefings and policy statements V1

a.       Motion: “that Central Council agrees the process for rapid briefings and policy statements”

15.   Register of Interests SHA Voluntary Register of Interests FINAL

a.       Motion: ”that Central Council agrees to a Voluntary Register of Interests for all, to be placed on the website.”

16.   Motion to amend standing order A  (please note changes to standing orders come into effect at the start of the next meeting.)

a.       After the first sentence in paragraph 5 add the sentence. “the three officers should be involved in the administrative decisions between central council meetings though any decision may be taken by majority if necessary.”

17.   Motion to amend standing order E

a.       Replace the words “two hours” and with “three hours”. “the meeting should take no longer than three hours.”

18.   Motion on Green Party

a.       Motion: “that the Labour Party and the cooperative party should invite the Green Party to join the electoral association that currently exists between those two parties, on the basis of the Green Party signing the Cheltenham agreement. the parties should not be unwilling to consider modifications of the Cheltenham agreement to achieve this objective. action we should pursue trade union support for this proposal through the appropriate mechanisms. we should submit this proposal to CLP’s to which we are affiliated. We should discuss this matter with other socialist societies, starting with SERA”

19.   Motion opposing the long-term plan

a.       Motion: the SHA notes:

 i.      Boris Johnson’s intention to bring into law England’s conversion to US-style accountable care.

ii.      that this means legislating for the permanent marketisation of Simon Stevens’ long term plan – including massive A&E closures and                    cuts in general practice.

iii.      That it has been SHA and Labour Conference Policy since 2017 for Labour to actively oppose this Americanisation of our Healthcare.

20.   The SHA therefore demands:

a.       That labour follows conference policy and actively opposes this process;

b.       That labour demands instead the full renationalisation of Healthcare as per the NHS (reinstatement) Bill;

c.       That the SHA  speaks out publicly at every forum against this legislation and publicly makes those same demands.

21.   AOB  (to be notified to the chair in advance)


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