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Date(s) - 01.09.2018


Birmingham and Midland Institute



1. Apologies;

Chris Bain, Colenzo Jarret-Thorpe, Corrie Lowry, Dave Watson, Kathrin Thomas, David Davies, Guy Baily, Jacky Davis, Jessica Ormerod, Jon Shaffer, Katrina Murray, Sina Lari, Stephen Warren, Tony Jewell, Jean Hardiman Smith, Lawrence Cotter , Coral Jones, Diane Jones, Jane Roberts, Nico Csergo, Guy Collis, Shaun McBride, Jos Bell

2. Minutes of the meeting in Leeds

3. Matters arising

4. Chair’s Report

5. Secretary’s Report

6. Treasurer’s Report

7. Labour Party matters: Contemporary Resolution: Brian Fisher ( Vice President )

8. Interim Report and Recommendations of Disciplinary Panel :  led by Andy Thompson ( Vice Chair )

9. Policy Development Process paper: Kathrin Thomas

10. Policy Work: Concentrating on Mental Health; A gap analysis on our Public Health position with regard to Glasgow/Cardiff/London work on the night time economy and violent crime. Issues in joining up health and social care and informal/family carers issues. To firm out the issues of reference and timescales. To decide if a position statement or full analysis or re-analysis to decide SHA policies are required. Led by Tony Beddow ( Vice Chair )

11. Any other business

12. Next meeting 10th November, London

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