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Date(s) - 13.01.2018


Sheffield Quaker Meeting House


Apologies for absence: Caroline Walsh, Jean Hardiman Smith, Helen Cranage, David Mattocks, Katrina Murray, Jos Bell, Colenzo Jarrett-Thorpe, Andy Thompson, James Gill, Mike Grady, Judith Varley, Tom Fitzgerald, Neil Nerva


Volunteer required to take the minutes

  1. Minutes of the meeting in Chester
  2. Matters arising
    1. SHA policy on maternity services
    2. Young Labour/recruitment
    3. NHS 70th anniversary materials
  3. Director’s report
    1. Membership
    2. Finances
    3. Social media
    4. Website – pseudonyms
  4. Labour Party matters:
    1. Follow up of Conference resolution
    2. Socialist Societies
    3. Democracy review Phase two, deadline 23 March will cover:
       The governance of CLPs
       The role of socialist societies
       Improving diversity and gender representation
       Strengthening the involvement and participation of members
       The recruitment of members and harnessing the potential of social media.
    4. Policy input process:
  5. Policy development process from here
    1. Public health
    2. Primary Care
    3. NHS without markets and competition
  6. AGM and elections
  7. Next meeting:  Annual General Meeting

One Comment

  1. Liz Henderson says:

    Great Power to your arm. We support you but are now 87 and 89 and not
    able to carry on our life long fight against capitalism.

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