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Date(s) - 29.06.2012


All Saints Action Network


Benefits and health seminar June 2012

Before we had the NHS we had National Insurance. Before that if you couldn’t work you couldn’t eat.  It’s true that in general poor people are unhealthy.  But its also true that most people become poor if they become ill for long.  We are much better at curing people than we were in 1911, but not every medical condition can be cured.

Dr John Middleton, Director of Public Health, Sandwell

Jeremy Vanes, Wolverhampton CAB

Gilly Cooper and Chris Burgess, Equality West Midlands

Julie Hirst Public, Health Specialist NHS Derbyshire County

There are two main themes to this event:

1. the impact of the rest of the welfare state (or its erosion) on health, and the demand for NHS services.  That might  help us to influence the agenda of the next Labour government, if there is one.

2. what can we do here and now, to help the most deprived communities apart from waiting for a Labour government to put everything right?


Risk of poverty over time


Bookings are closed for this event.

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  1. Pauline Dye says:

    I run a charity that supports family carers – Coventry Carers’ Centre. I hope a future Labour Governement will:
    – Do more than speak warm words about family carers, without whom the health and social care services would collapse and who provide care to the equivalent value of another NHS
    – Ensure that money allocated to the NHS by successive Governments (from Gordon Brown on) is spent for this purpose – much of this money is not (see report by the Princess Royal Trust for Carers)
    – Will recognise the huge value of supporting not-for-proft organisations to provide family carer support – for every £1 given to my organisation by Coventry City Council, they receive £3 of service. The Social Return on Investment for my service for every £1 invested is £17 for adult and £25 for young carers’ services. Despite this, our funding has been cut by both the City Council and NHS Coventry!!
    Best wishes
    Pauline Dye

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