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Date(s) - 17.03.2018


Unite Building


Debbie Abrahams MP to speak


1.  Apologies for absence: Lesley Pavitt, Jean Gaffin, Nye Harries, Rosemary Clarke, Gareth Gould, Michael Edwardson, Dr Coral Jones, Julie Hirst, Clive Needle, Renga Balamoody, Jane Roberts, Guy Collis, Peter Mayer, Lawrie Nerva, Paul Leake, John Beal, Gavin & Rosemary Ross, John Nunney, Chris Butler, Fiona Twycross, Assia Shah, Steve Bedser, Karen Greenwood, Linda Miller, Ron Harley, David Davies, Lawrence Cotter, Colenzo Jarrett-Thorpe, Caroline Walsh, Louise Lowry,  Derek Marcus, Jessica Ormerod, Katrina Murray, Christine Hay, Dr Zahid Chauhan, Corrie Lowry, Gurinder Singh Josan, David Mattocks, Brian Gibbons

2.  Minutes of the 2017 Annual General Meeting

3. Matters arising not elsewhere on the agenda:

4. Officers to be elected  (List of Candidates):

  • Chair:  Prof Alex Scott-Samuel
  • Secretary: Jean Hardiman Smith
  • Treasurer: Dr Tom Fitzgerald
  • Members of Central Council (20 to be elected): Dr Jacky Davis, Dr Tony Jewell, Dr Kathrin Thomas, Dr Coral Jones, Dr David Wrigley, Vivien Giladi, Dr Brian Gibbons, David Llewellyn Davies, Carol Ackroyd, Dr Judith Varley, Dr Guy Baily, Jessica Ormerod, Cllr Mark Ladbrooke, Dame Jane Roberts, Dr Brian Fisher, Cllr Allison Gardner, Cllr Mike Roberts, Dr Andy Thompson, Dr Zahid Chauhan, Corrie Lowry

5. To note other members of Central Council:

  • West Midlands (4): David Mattocks,  Dr Peter Mayer, Steve Bedser
  • London (8): Jos Bell, Nicholas Csergo, Sina Lari,  Norma Dudley, Dr Onkar Sahota, Caroline Walsh, John Lipetz,
  • Scotland (2): Katrina Murray, Dave Watson
  • Wales (2): Anthony Beddow, Alison Scouller
  • North East (2): Diane Jones, Paul Leake
  • Manchester (7): Prof Lawrence Cotter, Prof Vivien Walsh, Shaun McBride, Dr James Williamson, Caroline Bedale
  • Liverpool (2): Dr Helen Cranage,  Irene Leonard
  • Cheshire (1): Gareth Gould

Each nationally affiliated organisation is entitled to a representative:

  • Unison: Guy Collis
  • Unite: Colenzo Jarrett-Thorpe
  • GMB: Sharon Holder

6. Officers  to be elected at the AGM:

  • Auditors (2):
  • Minute secretary (suggested):
  • Campaign officer (suggested):

7. Annual Report

8. Financial and audit report

9. Proposed constitutional amendments:

  1. In clause 13, add new section (b) and renumber.  “Branches are expected to give 4 weeks notice of their AGM and 2 weeks notice of ordinary meetings.”
  2. In Clause 10a, delete “4 Vice Chairs” insert “2 Vice Chairs who shall be honorary officers”

10. Proposed affiliations to other organisations:

11. Resolutions

  1. This Association welcomes the legal handbook “Equality Act 2010 (disability) and the Labour Party” produced by the Disability Equality Act Labour group. The hard work that has gone into this document by disabled members and experts in the field are to be commended. We commend the handbook to the Labour Party and call for it to be accepted, in its entirety, as official Party guidance. We agree to make a donation of £50 towards a print run to enable the group to make the handbook available at Party events including conference.  Prop Caroline Walsh
  2. The SHA is committed to working with the Labour Party to develop the policies and credible plans for a better care system in England that can only be achieved under Labour.The SHA recognises the work by Labour councils and councillors working with the NHS in many parts of the country to defend and where possible to improve care services and to gather evidence about how best to improve the lives and experience of those who rely on these services.Until the election of a Labour government the SHA will work constructively with trade unions, Labour councillors and councils who are doing their upmost to protect and improve services, to reject privatisation and outsourcing and to defend workforce terms and conditions during this period of unprecedented funding cuts.  Prop Richard Bourne, Seconded Steve Iliffe

12. Proposed future meetings of Central Council:

At the end of the AGM there will be a very brief meeting for Central Council members to elect Vice Chairs


  1. needs calendar link on this page

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  3. Mark Ladbrooke says:

    It means that at a click of a button an event, it’s date, time and location can be put into your diary.

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