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Date(s) - 11.03.2017


Priory Rooms


Discussion with Jon Ashworth MP

Formal business:

1.  Apologies for absence: Dr Tony Jewell, Siôn Simon, Sid Sidhu, Sir Ian McCartney, Coral Jones, John Biggs, Cllr Stuart Bellwood, Baroness Diane Hayter, Lesley Pavitt, Christine Hay, George Conchie, Phil Gregory, Rosemary Clarke, Mike Young, Cllr Stuart Bellwood, Alan Taman, Dr Catherine Mackereth, Ed Derrick, Simon Duffy, Dr Mike Hobbs, Gavin & Rosemary Ross, Catharine Grundy, Dr Pam Wortley, Andy Thompson, Richard Bourne, David Lamb, Caroline Walsh, Colenzo Jarrett-Thorpe, Chris Bain, Sina Lari, Katrina Murray

2.  Minutes of the 2016 Annual General Meeting

3. Matters arising not elsewhere on the agenda:  Honorary President

4. Officers to be elected:

  • Chair: Alex Scott-Samuel
  • Secretary: Jean Hardiman Smith
  • Treasurer:
  • Members of Central Council (20 to be elected, not including the 3 Officers): Dr Lawrence Benson, Dr Tony Jewell, David Llewellyn Davies, Dr Brian Gibbons,  Fiona Twycross, Dr Onkar Sahota, Mike Roberts, Dr Mike Grady, Dr Thomas Fitzgerald, Dr Andy Thompson, Dr Brian Fisher, Catharine Grundy, Patrick Vernon, Dr Doug Naysmith, David Taylor-Gooby, Antonia Berelson, Sina Lari, Kieron Gill, John Lipetz.

5. To note other members of Central Council:

  • West Midlands (4): David Mattocks, Alan Wenban-Smith, Dr Peter Mayer,
  • London (6): Jos Bell, Nicholas Csergo, Vivien Giladi, Neil Nerva, Rene Smit, Caroline Walsh
  • Scotland (2): Katrina Murray, Dave Watson
  • Wales (2): Dr Tony Beddow, Alison Scouller
  • North East (2): Brian Flood, Rita Stringfellow
  • Manchester (3):  Vivien Walsh, James Gill, Dr Lawrence Cotter

Each nationally affiliated organisation is entitled to a representative:

  • Unison: Guy Collis
  • Unite: Colenzo Jarrett-Thorpe
  • GMB: Sharon Holder

6. Officers  to be elected at the AGM:

  • Auditors (2): Thomas Fitzgerald, David Mattocks

7. Annual Report

8. Financial and audit report

  • Wales: Income £170.00;  Expenditure £240.00; Balance in hand: £440.39
  • Scotland:  Income £0;  Expenditure £10.80; Balance in hand: £206
  • London:  Income £0;  Expenditure £36; Balance in hand: £247.50
  • West Midlands:
  • North East:
  • Manchester: Income £0;  Expenditure £0; Balance in hand: £0

9. Proposed constitutional amendments:

  1. Clause 9b to read:  The execution of the decisions made at Annual and Special Meetings of the members is the responsibility of the Central Council.
  2. Clause 9c to read: The Central Council conducts the political business of the Association, sets up such sub-committees  as are considered desirable from time to time, receives reports from those sub-committees, and appoints all delegates to represent the Association nationally.
  3. Clause 9d to read: Central Council acts in accord with the objects of the Constitution and with policy as laid down by Annual and Special meetings. Between such meetings it decides the Association’s policy.
  4. New clause 9e to read:  The Honorary Officers are responsible for the administration of the financial affairs and property of the Association and for the appointment and management of staff. They submit an Annual Report to the Annual Meeting. Between Central Council meetings, they are responsible for the running of the Association and  report on significant decisions to Central Council.
  5. Delete clause 10f

10. Proposed affiliations to other organisations:

  • Labour Party centrally and Regional Labour Parties
  • Medact
  • James Lind Alliance
  • Drugs and Health Alliance
  • Smokefree Action – delegate report
  • Keep Our NHS Public – delegates report
  • Health Campaigns Together – delegates report
  • New NHS Alliance

11. Resolutions – none received

Review of our mission statement

Progress of the policy commission – Brian Fisher

12. To be followed by a short meeting of  Central Council to consider the election of Vice Chairs. and the minutes of the last meeting.

Proposed future meetings of Central Council:

Saturday 17th June, London

Saturday 23rd September, Brighton

Saturday 18th November

Saturday 13th January

Annual General Meeting Saturday 10th March




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