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Date(s) - 05.03.2016


Manchester Quaker Meeting House


Discussion on Labour health policy with Andrew Gwynne MP  at 1.30

Formal business:

1.  Apologies for absence:Dr John Beal MBE, Steve Bedser, Jos Bell, Cllr Stuart Bellwood, Barrie Brown, John Charlton, Rosemary Clarke, George Conchie, Pauline Cuttress, Tom Fitzgerald, Dr Patrick French, Jean Gaffin, Mia Garside, Brian Gibbons, Nye Harries, Christine Hay,  Baroness Hayter, Earle Kessler, Peter Mayer, John Lipetz, David Mattocks, Prof John Middleton, Katrina Murray, Lawrie Nerva, Roy Oliver, David Pickersgill, Dame Jane Roberts, Gavin Ross, Rosemary Ross, Dr Onkar Sahota,  Dr Alex Turnbull, Patrick Vernon, Dr Eric Watts, Dr Tom Williams, Mike Young

2.  Minutes of the 2015 Annual General Meeting

3. Matters arising not elsewhere on the agenda

4. Officers to be elected:

  • Chair: Chris Bain
  • Secretary:
  • Treasurer: Jane Roberts DBE
  • Members of Central Council (20 to be elected, not including the 3 Officers): Richard Bourne, Mike Roberts, Rene Smit, Dr Alex Scott-Samuel, Tom Fitzgerald, David Mattocks, Judith Varley, Vivien Giladi, Dr Mike Grady, Jean Hardiman Smith, Dr Zahid Chauhan, Dr Doug Naysmith, Dr Brian Gibbons, David Ll Davies, Dr Brian Fisher, Dr Ivan Benett, Dr Tony Jewell, Patrick Vernon, James Gill.

5. To note other members of Central Council:

  • West Midlands (4):
  • London (6): Jos Bell, Michael English, Dr Patrick French, John Lipetz, Dr Aysha Raza, Caroline Walsh
  • Scotland (2): Dave Watson, Katrina Murray
  • Wales (2): Alison Scouller, Tony Beddow
  • North East (2): David Taylor-Gooby, Robert Buckley
  • Manchester (3): Dr Hannah Cooke, Prof Vivien Walsh

Each nationally affiliated organisation is entitled to a representative:

  • Unison: Guy Collis
  • Unite:Barrie Brown
  • Society of Radiographers:
  • GMB

6. Officers  to be elected at the AGM:

  • Auditors (2): Tom Fitzgerald, David Mattocks

7. Annual Report

8. Financial and audit report

  • Wales:  Income £249.15, Expenditure £223.15, Balance in hand: £560.39
  • Scotland: Income £42.10, Expenditure £120.66 Balance in hand: £216.80  
  • London: Income £635 Expenditure £241.97 Balance in hand £393.03 
  • West Midlands: Income £280.00, Expenditure £112.60 Balance in hand £3256.00
  • North East: Balance in hand: £40
  • Manchester: Balance in hand: £nil

9. Proposed affiliations to other organisations:

  • Labour Party centrally and Regional Labour Parties
  • Medact
  • James Lind Alliance
  • Drugs and Health Alliance
  • Smokefree Action
  • Keep Our NHS Public – delegates report
  • National Voices

10. Resolutions:

  1. Branches may affiliate to local Labour parties or any other organisations compatible with the objects of the Association.  Any decisions in respect of the procedures of the Labour Party, such as in relation to the selection of candidates, shall be made by the branch.  Any member in an area where there is no branch who wishes to be a delegate to any local Labour party or any other organisation shall notify the Honorary Secretary and confer with them in respect of any such decisions.  Proposed: Doug Naysmith.
  2. The Association supports the Ethical Care Charter, and urges local council to subscribe to it. Proposed Jos Bell.
  3. In the light of the support of Labour’s Leader, Shadow Chancellor, of many other Labour MPs, and of many SHA members, SHA should do everything in its power to support the NHS Bill prior to its second reading on March 11. This should include emails to all Labour MPs informing them of SHA’s support for the Bill, and similar support messages on the SHA website, Facebook and Twitter. Proposed Alex Scott-Samuel.
  4. SHA believes:

1.That at this pivotal moment in the fight to save the NHS, the Labour Party can play a crucial and irreplaceable role.

2. That Labour’s policy and stance on the NHS and health is in a number of respects stuck in the pre-Corbyn era:

  • Inadequate support for the junior doctors’ strike and NHS student bursary struggles.
  • Failure to make a clear commitment to reversing cuts, outsourcing and privatisation and reinstating the NHS as a universal, comprehensive, publicly owned, funded and provided service meeting clinical need.
  • Promoting the idea of integrating health and social care, without making clear if this would mean social care becoming a free public service. Otherwise integration could mean extending privatisation in the NHS.

SHA resolves

  • To campaign for Labour to commit clearly to reversing cuts, outsourcing and privatisation and reinstating the NHS as a comprehensive, publicly owned, funded and provided service meeting clinical need. This should include an end to the use of PFI and a serious solution to the problem of PFI debts; and an expansion of democratic control in the NHS.
  • To campaign for the party to commit to social care becoming a free, publicly owned, funded and provide service.
  • To campaign for much stronger Labour support for the doctors’ strike, the NHS bursary fight and other health workers’ struggles – including by Labour MPs and Shadow Ministers attending picket lines, and by the party working with the TUC to organise a national demo in support of the BMA.
  • To work on this with other Labour NHS campaigns, including Momentum NHS.

11. Proposed future meetings of Central Council: 18th June, Birmingham (Policy Review Day), 24th September, Liverpool.

NB the Manchester Metro stop in St Peters Square is closed at present, but there is a free Metroshuttle bus from the station. Route 1 will take you to the Central Library – where you can get lunch as well as knowledge.


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