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Date(s) - 09.03.2013


Ment House


This determines the policy of the Association according to our constitution.

All members are welcome. This includes members of affiliated organisations, including Unison, Unite and GMB and various smaller organisations.

We are meeting in Hackney by kind invitation of Social Action for Health


1. Apologies for absence:

Penny Barber, Dr John Beal, Prof Tony Beddow,  Jos Bell. Cllr Judith Blakeman, Audrey Chamberlain,  Rosemary Clarke, George Conchie, Dr Hannah Cooke,  Pauline Cutress, Prof Guy Daly, Ed Derrick, Isla Dowds, Carolyn Emanuel,Cllr Duncan Enright, Graham Estop, Tom Fitzgerald,  Cllr Judy Foster, Jean Gaffin, Phil Gregory, Nye Harries, Lady Dianne Hayter, Dr Tony Jewell,  Dr. Kanappar Jeyanthan, Melanie Johnson, David Lamb, John Lipetz, Catherine Mackereth,  David Mattocks, Patricia Moberly, Katrina Murray, Roy Oliver,  Dr Matthew Prior, Gavin and Rosemary Ross,  Catherine Stihler MEP, Bryan Stoten, Cllr Sid Tooth, Warren Town, Fiona Twycross, Mike Young

2. Minutes of the AGM2012

3. Matters arising not elsewhere on the agenda:

4. Annual Report  2012

5. Financial report

6. Constitutional Amendments:

  1.  in clause 9 delete the words ” , which shall be elected by postal ballot of members and associates, held prior to the AGM.” (this is a duplication of clause 11)

in clause  11 delete the word “postal”, so we can have an online ballot if necessary.

in clause 18 delete the words “Postal Vote” and replace by the word “ballot of members”

In 11 (d) delete the words “Scrutineers shall be appointed by the Central Council to open the ballot box, count the votes and certify the results.” insert “Central Council shall approve the arrangements for any ballot which is necessary which will  include scrutiny of the votes cast and verification of the results of any ballot held with reference to the following:
a) any contested election for officer of the association by at least two members nominated by Central Council who are not standing as officers of the association in that ballot;
b) any amendment to the constitution of the association by at least two members nominated by Central Council;
c) any resolution put to to all members of the association by at least two members nominated by Central Council.
2. In  clause 13(Branches) delete  “c) Preliminary notice of the date of the AGM, a request for resolutions and nominations for officers, delegates to other bodies and delegates to the Central Council should be circulated with the minutes of the previous AGM to every member of the branch not less than 4 weeks before the AGM. Copies of any resolutions or nominations shall be circulated to all Branch members and to the Association’s office at least one week before the AGM. A ballot shall be held at the AGM if any member requests one.”
3. In clause 16(a) Notice of the AGM – delete “six weeks”, insert “four weeks”. In Clause 16 (b) delete “three” insert “two”, IN 16 (c) delete “two” insert “one”

7. Officers nominated and  elected by members. No ballot was necessary as there were no contested positions.

  • Chair: Richard Bourne
  • Secretary: Huw Davies
  • Treasurer: Gavin Ross

Central Council (20 to be elected, not including the 3 Officers): Mike Roberts, Harry Clarke,  Melanie Johnson,  Dr Richard Grimes, Joe Farrington-Douglas,  Dr Shibley Rahman,  Dr Eric Watts, Dr Hannah Cooke, Mike Young, Dr Patrick French,  Dr. Kanappar Jeyanthan, Dr Mike Grady, Dr Matthew Prior, Fiona Twycross, Dr Doug Naysmith, Steve Adshead, John Kolm-Murray

8. Members of Central Council appointed by branches and affiliates

  • West Midlands: (5) David Mattocks, Dr Peter Mayer, Chris Bain, Cllr Rachel Harris
  • London: (11)  Jos Bell,  Noemi Fabry, John Lipetz, Dame Jane Roberts, Dr Brian Fisher, Tom Fitzgerald,  Vivien Giladi 
  • Scotland: (4)  Dr Ali Syed,  Katrina Murray, Dave Watson
  • Wales: (3) Prof Tony Beddow, Alison Scouller
  • Unison – Guy Collis
  • Unite  – Barrie Brown
  • Society of Radiographers – Warren Town
  • GMB – Rehana Azam

9. Officers to be elected at the AGM

  • Vice Chairs (4):  Mike Roberts, Melanie Johnson
  • President, Vice-presidents, functional officers (if any)
  • Auditors (2): David Mattocks, Tom Fitzgerald
  • Delegates to Socialist Societies Executive:

10. Co-options to Central Council proposed:

11. Proposed affiliations to other organisations:

a) existing:

  1. Labour Party centrally and Regional Labour Parties
  2. Medact,
  3. NHS Alliance,
  4. James Lind Alliance,
  5. Drugs and Health Alliance,
  6. Smokefree Action (and associated bodies)
  7. Keep Our NHS Public
  8. National Voices
  9. Friends, Families and Travellers

b) New (none):

12. Nominations to Labour Party  (to be delegated to next Central Council deadline 21st June):  National Executive Committee, National Constitution Committee, 2 delegates to Labour Party Conference 2013 :   Cllr Duncan Enright, Mike Roberts

13. Labour Party Constitutional Amendment if any : ( to be delegated to next Central Council deadline 21st June)

14. Resolutions : (none)

15. Minutes of last meeting of Central Council

  1. Matters arising:
  2. Minimising Risk In  The Social Media World, and communications strategy
  3. Reaction to Mid-staffs report

Central Council meetings generally take place at noon on Saturdays in London and last for no more than 3 hours.

Proposed future meetings: 8th June , 21st September (Brighton), 23rd November,  18th January 2014. Next AGM 1st March 2014

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