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Date(s) - 08.07.2017


St Mary's Church


The party will be a mixture of information & fun music & food.

There will be a slide show about the history of the N.H.S. and how it has grown to what it is today.

Talks about the strains the organisation staff and patients are being put under  at present. Th difference between the organisation of the N.H.S .in Wales by the Welsh Assembly and how it is done in England.

There will be a showing of Unison’s film about the strains on Social Care,which is on the verge of collapse.

Three recent young Labour candidates’ in marginal seats in North Wales which they marginally lost will talk about how the people they met felt about living in N.Wales. Difficulties of accessing health care in rural Wales as well as jobs, housing & education for their kids. How Labour’s polices and a plan to bring a better life for all of us to replace so called ‘Austerity’ where the rich get richer and steadily things get harder for the rest of us, can become a reality.

There must be another election soon and with an effort from us all we can make the change which matters

Everyone is welcome to come.

Organised by

Rhyl Peoples Assembly Against Austerity

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