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The Conservative Party is riding high in the polls despite widespread gloom over the prospects for public services. The Party’s electoral vulnerability on the health service creates an interest on the part of the NHS and its political opponents to declare a “crisis” at every opportunity and during every election. Even during periods of sustained austerity, as now and as in the 1970s, the NHS operates on the well-founded belief that bust will be followed by boom. It is hardly surprising that the intrinsic urge to innovate is weak. The promise of “reform” is taken as a threat, not an […]
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The biggest changes come from incremental steps not silver bullets In the same week that the new mayor of London began the task of watering down his electoral promises the Government published its long-awaited “Plan for Action” for childhood obesity. The anti-obesity lobby attacked it because it lacked some of their favourite state interventions. David Cameron’s biggest flaw as a politician was to promise actions for which he had either little knowledge as to their impact or little inclination to worry about these future problems. Even before he became Conservative Leader he showed this tendency when he promised the Eurosceptics that […]
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