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The difficulty lies not so much in developing new ideas as in escaping from old ones.   JM Keynes. Many Labour MPs are still enamoured with TINA Members of the Leeds ‘Keep Our NHS Public’ (KONP)  are active in local campaigns to raise public awareness and build resistance to the dismantling of the NHS.  We work through street demonstrations and marches,  supporting  local campaigns.  Many in the group considered it a waste of time to contact local Labour MPs who are considered incorrigible New Labour aficionados. In August last year we found that only 4 out of 36 Labour MPs in […]
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The vast majority do not want the creeping privatisation, and the dismantling of the NHS as it was originally conceived by Bevan. At local level there is a growing resistance to the cuts to services.  However local protest, without well-argued and transformative policy and legal changes at the national level, pose little threat whilst the Tories are in power.  The Labour Party will set out its stall in the Manifesto before the next election to renationalise the NHS. This Briefing Note suggests practical and structured steps for doing this by elaborating on the draft NHS  Bill 2015. Key Questions for […]
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