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Cheered up by last week? The last few weeks have given us a respite from a seemingly endless wave of victories by populists and the right: after a miserable 2016, we have seen the radical right narrowly defeated in the Austrian presidential election, heavily defeated in the second round of the French presidential election and in the legislative vote, in decline in Germany and locked out of government in the Netherlands. And did I mention a hung parliament in the UK? It might be nice to relax and go back to critiquing neoliberalism, but we should not. The populist radical […]
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1. The April 2013 NHS reorganisation was big, even by the standards of the English NHS. NHS England Chief Executive David Nicholson famously said that the Cameron government reforms demanded “such a big change management, you could probably see it from space.” 2. As with previous NHS reorganisations big and small, the ideas were familiar: the idea that commissioning by GPs would improve care and efficiency; the idea that the central government, in the shape of the Department of Health, was too big and dictatorial; the idea that intermediate territorial levels of management such as Strategic Health Authorities were bureaucratic […]
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