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The NHS is facing persistent rising costs and funding pressures. Health care needs continue to rise as a result both of an ageing population and of a changing profile of morbidity, with increasing numbers of people suffering multiple long-term conditions. Even more cost pressures arise from technology and medical advances, and the labour intensive nature of much health care means that the NHS rate of inflation is significantly higher than the general rate of inflation. Funding pledges Yet neither the Labour nor the Conservative manifestos promise adequate funding. While the Conservatives are promising an extra £8bn a year by 2022, […]
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There cannot have been many occasions on which experts on health and experts on tax have come together to see how these two spheres of interest and expertise impinge upon each other and what scope for collaboration exists. A fascinating workshop organised by Medact last month provided just such a forum, demonstrating no shortage of possible synergies. Participants described investigations into the impact of taxes on unhealthy foods, the relationship between the LIBOR scandal and PFI schemes in the NHS, the role of Freedom of Information requests in getting complex financial information into the public domain and inequities in the […]
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