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On April 1st 2013 Local Authorities had returned to them after 39 years the responsibilities for Public Health.  This gives them an opportunity to take up the proposals of the Marmot Review. This, we believe in Local Government terms, to have been one of the few beneficial developments within the Health and Social Care Act 2011. This will enable Local Authorities to co-ordinate the wider responsibilities that they have to the community and will also benefit in tackling the serious health inequalities that exist in many communities. This is both in areas that you expect from the statistics in the North, […]
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I have already commented on the trends and costs of the growing burden of health inequalities in the UK and what this means for growing numbers of the population in particular disadvantaged communities. The recent report,  just published from Prof John Hills team at the LSE on wealth inequalities trends, rebased from official stats, also confirms this widening disparity between those able to leave wealth, in whatever form, and those with no wealth. However if Austerity continues in this “hair shirt” addiction then the consequences will become ever more real to many more people, not just those at the bottom […]
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In any policy way forward in Social Care we have to be aware that, as an issue, the general public don’t rate social care on the radar screen at all. Indeed as it’s so complex in its purist form, social care only, they have little understanding of the detail of those complexities unless, and until, they exercise it at the sharp end. Not even then! When you add in health care and possible integration then that becomes even more of a challenge for their understanding. There is also the misconception that such care is for the elderly only but that […]
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