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In order to achieve health for everyone we need Safety, peace and security This means peace of mind, which includes freedom from fear and violence in the home, community, nationally and internationally Equitable social, economic and environmental conditions for health This means fair wages, decent income, safe working conditions, clean and safe environments, decent affordable housing, affordable, safe and clean transport Food and water security and sustainability This means a safe and stable supply of nutritious food and clean water, and food production that does not waste resources and can be maintained indefinitely Universally available and holistic health and social […]
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The proposals in Labour’s policy document are too vague – full of the right words but no clear strategies.  This is a timid document that is shaped more by the financial constraints we face than by a courageous vision of health and care.  The section on public health is relegated to the back pages and lacks any coherence or punch. The document strongly endorses the WHO definition of health “as a state of complete physical, mental and social wellbeing and not merely the absence of disease”.  While Labour’s plans for whole person care go some small way towards this, the […]
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